Non-Union Tesla was a Main Topic Discussed on America’s Work Force

On the broadcast today we had writer, editor, and researcher Tim Tolka, and contributing writer to The Prospect, David Dayen. Our first guest, Tim Tolka talks about how he got started with his research on his book Blue Mafia, small town police misconduct, brutality and corruption, consent decrees, and the backstory behind the federal investigations on the police in Steubenville and Warren Ohio. Our second guest, David Dayen talks about Tesla, the workers and the wages that they are making, how Tesla is the only United States car manufacturer that is non-Union, the high cost of living around the factory and how it is forcing the workers to have to live further than desirable away from their work, and Elon Musk and his promises to the workers (that do not include wage increases). Each of our guests dive deep into their incredibly interesting and thought provoking topics and made for a great show today!

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