Zantac multidistrict litigation case enters discovery phase

After Zantac was pulled from the shelves, law firms have been working to get compensation for the people and families affected by the negative side effects of the medicine.

Kelley & Ferraro Associate Brian Kelley joined the America’s Work Force Union Podcast to discuss what the firm is doing for their clients with regards to both the Zantac and Roundup weed killer cases. Continue reading

Zantac case carries on despite ongoing COVID-19 pandemic

For years, Americans were taking the heartburn medication, Zantac. Only years later would they find out that the medication could harm them, potentially causing cancer.

Kelley and Ferraro attorney Nick DiCioccio joined America’s Work Force Union Podcast to explain how their class action lawsuit began, where it is at now and where they hope it ends up when the dust is settled. Continue reading

Zantac lawsuit slows down as claims continue to be filed virtually

Over the counter medications have been tied to many illnesses and deaths. However, there are people working to gain financial compensation for those affected and their families.

Kelley & Ferraro Attorney Joyce Chambers Reichard joined America’s Work Force Union Podcast to discuss the class action lawsuit involving Zantac and mesothelioma cases linked to asbestos exposure. Continue reading

Senator Sherrod Brown Pushes to Put More Money into the Pockets of Workers During the Pandemic

Sen. Sherrod Brown spoke with America’s Work Force Radio Podcast on May 7 to discuss his efforts to put more money into the pockets of workers who are working through the COVID-19 pandemic. Continue reading