explaining the difference between working class and middle class

The lines between middle class and working class have become blurred as the terms are used interchangeably in media and in politics. The difference between the two exists and needs to be defined.

Working Class Perspectives contributing writer Christopher Martin dissected the two terms and explained why the difference is important on America’s Work Force Union Podcast. He also explained what is like to teach journalism as the profession becomes increasingly dangerous. Continue reading

Rebuilding the working class through infrastructure and prosecution of white collar criminals

The labor community has a list of agenda items for President Biden and the new federal government after throwing their support behind him in the election.

Marc Dann, attorney and founder of Dann Law, discussed how the Biden administration can hold white collar criminals accountable after years of being let off the hook, restoring the middle class through work and more on America’s Work Force Union Podcast. Continue reading

The working class remains divided, despite common problems

In many ways, the COVID-19 pandemic has been similar to the housing bubble of 2008. The middle and working class have been disproportionately affected by both.

Georgetown University Professor and Working-Class Perspectives Contributor Sherry Linkon explained how the working class has been affected by the pandemic and how the working class has fractured into other groups. Continue reading

President Trump exploited the working class, who propelled him to victory in 2016

The rise of President Trump was a culmination of causes, but those in the working class who saw Hillary Clinton as elitist may have been one of the strongest draws for the President.

University of Northern Iowa Professor of Digital Journalism and contributor to Working Class Perspectives Christopher Martin discussed why the working class is so drawn to President Trump and how journalism will recover as a profession on America’s Work Force Union Podcast. Continue reading