Veterans make ideal candidates for Insulators Union apprenticeships

International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers General President Gregory T. Revard joined the America’s Work Force Union Podcast to discuss how veterans can take advantage of the opportunities presented through registered apprenticeship training programs. Continue reading

Providing opportunities for military veterans in the trades

The building trades are in need of people who are prepared to work with their hands and understand the importance of teamwork. Programs are popping up all over the U.S. to recruit and pre-train these potential workers.

The International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Trades are advocating for people to choose a career in their trade. On the America’s Work Force Union Podcast, Mechanical Insulators Labor Management and Cooperative Trust Executive Director Pete Ielmini explained their efforts and how veterans make great tradesmen and tradeswomen. Ielmini also discussed how unions are taking action against companies who participate in union busting. Continue reading

Transferring skills from the military to the civilian workforce

Many military service personnel struggle to adjust to civilian life after they complete their time in the service. Finding a career where their skills are transferable can be difficult, but the work ethic of veterans often makes them great employees.

An article in the upcoming American Legion Magazine will discuss transferable skills and finding civilian employment after leaving the service. American Legion Director of Media and Communications Jeff Stoffer joined the AWF Union Podcast to preview this story and another about the use of Agent Orange in the Vietnam War. Continue reading

Union jobs help struggling veterans make the transition back to civilian life

While Memorial Day is a great time to reflect on military service members lost while serving, it is just as important to remember those who lost their battle upon returning home.

Union Veterans Council Executive Director Will Attig joined America’s Work Force Union Podcast for a special Memorial Day episode. He spoke about his experience in the military, transitioning into civilian life and more. Continue reading

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier programming planned to mark 100 years

With the announcement of troops being withdrawn from Afghanistan starting Sept. 11, Veterans groups are excited to hear that the longest war in U.S. history may finally be coming to an end.

American Legion Director of Media and Communications Jeff Stoffer joined America’s Work Force Union Podcast to discuss the withdrawal of troops. He also previewed stories to be featured in the upcoming edition of the American Legion Magazine. Continue reading

The American Legion applauds increased calls for civics education

Survey after survey shows younger Americans are falling behind when it comes to civics, constitutional rights and more. There are efforts underway to reintroduce much of this curriculum to American classrooms.

The American Legion Magazine will publish an article on the importance of civics in their upcoming edition. They will also publish a story about the importance of personal fitness and what the Legion is doing to increase awareness of fitness. The American Legion Magazine Managing Editor Matt Grills joined AWF Union Podcast to discuss this and more. Continue reading

Remembering Operation Desert Storm and the technology that aided the U.S. military

The capabilities of the U.S. military vastly expanded in the years after the Vietnam War. The technologies developed between the Vietnam War and the Middle Eastern conflicts has allowed for greater American strategies

American Legion Director of Media and Communications Jeff Stoffer discussed the upcoming American Legion Magazine and some of the stories within, including the anniversary of Operation Desert Storm and a long awaited electronic record keeping program. Continue reading

UA Local 669 recruiting specialist looks to recruit more veterans into the trades

During the week of Veterans Day, America’s Work Force Union Podcast featured veterans who continue to serve by helping fellow Americans obtain careers in union industries.

United Association (UA) Local 669 Recruitment and Outreach Specialist Tim Coleman joined America’s Work Force Union Podcast to discuss how he is helping to recruit new members into the ranks of UA Local 669 and the building trades in general. Continue reading

Author explains how chemotherapy was discovered after a tragic WWII attack on an Italian port

During this special Veterans Day episode and every day, it is vital that we tell and remember the stories of soldiers, doctors and researchers who made massive discoveries during times of conflict.

Author Jennet Conant joined America’s Work Force Union Podcast to discuss her book about one of the great medical developments to come out of World War II and how many are discovered. Continue reading