Today’s show 10-26-12

On the show today we had Professor John Russo from Youngstown State Labor Studies and he talked about the different types of voters we have today and about the election…Also on the show was Leo Gerard, General President of the United Steel Workers Union, and he talked about the elections and about health care in Canada…

Today’s show 10-24-12

On the show today we had 3 guests…First up was Mark Naymik, Political Editor of the Plain Dealer, and he talked about how the newspaper selects a candidate to endorse and who they are endorsing in the upcoming election! Our second guest was Deanna Robertson of Organizing for America, and she talked about setting up teams to monitor the polls and making sure everyone is able to vote. Our third guest was Steven Edelstein of Policy Works, and he talked about what their organization does to help strengthen direct care for the ever increasing elderly population!

Today’s show 10-18-12

on the show today we had Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur and David Madland from the Center for American Progress! Marcy talked about the debate, Bain company and Predatory Capitalism! David talked about the decline of the middle class tracks closely with the decline of the union movement and states with srtong unions have a stronger middle class!