Ohio Federation of Teachers Leads the Discussion Today on America’s Work Force

Melissa Cropper, President of the Ohio Federation of Teachers spoke with America’s Work Force on Oct. 15 on improving conditions in charter schools.

OFT-AFT Melissa CropperCropper first talked about the non-profit organization called Say Yes to Education and how they are working to ensure children in our communities have the means and opportunity to attend college. The organization works to provide scholarships for college or other post secondary schools to give kids the opportunity to further their education and have a fair shot at advancing in life. Cropper then discussed charter schools and how many of them in the area are underfunded and in desperate need of more resources for their classrooms. She hopes that Ohio’s legislatures are challenged to visit these schools and listen to these educators and committees about what needs to be done to improve their classrooms so that they can give their kids the best educational experience possible.

The ProgressiveSarah Lahm, a Minneapolis-based writer with the Progressive spoke with AWF on Oct. 15 about why Democrat candidates should target charter schools with parts of their agendas. She said that non-profit charter schools are in a never-ending battle against for-profit schools as they usually fall under the victim to being underfunded and under resourced. Lahm said that if a candidate could gain support from people in charter school areas by promising to help improve quality and conditions of schools, the candidate will find they will gain many supporters.

AWF host Ed “Flash” Ferenc spoke about Houston Airport Workers receiving an increase in minimum wage from $7 an hour up to $12 an hour.