Vaccines divide workers, even among medical community and families

It is a tale of two sisters, but also a tale of two opposing communities — the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. ProPublica reporter Jenny Deam, along with writers Ryan Gabrielson and Bianca Fortis wrote a story of a pair of siblings who both worked as nurses. One received the COVID-19 vaccine, the other refused.

Deam joined the America’s Work Force Union Podcast to discuss this story that highlighted a shocking statistic: Roughly 40 percent of care workers in nursing homes and other long term care facilities remain unvaccinated. Continue reading

“Junk” health insurance plans mislead consumers, lead to massive bills

The health insurance industry is rife with companies lying about their less than desirable plans at a very affordable price. These plans have always existed and have been purchased by millions of Americans.

ProPublica Reporter Jenny Deam focuses on health insurance and recently wrote a story about a young man who became swamped with bills following a routine procedure. She joined the AWF Union Podcast to discuss “junk” health insurance plans, what has been done to curb their purchase and more. Continue reading

Promises Not Kept: Failure to Deliver on Massive Construction Project

Dan O’Brien, Author at Business Journal Daily, spoke with America’s Work Force Radio Podcast on May 19 to speak about the Business Journal and Pro Publica’s investigation into the seemingly abandoned Chill-Can campus project. Continue reading