A brighter day for unionization as political winds begin to shift

The PRO Act is the most significant piece of worker empowerment legislation since the New Deal. The proposed bill could level the playing field between employers and labor, making it easier for workers to organize.

Ohio AFL-CIO President Timothy Burga joined the AWF Union Podcast to discuss the PRO Act and what it could do for labor rights. He also discussed the recent political Renaissance for labor ushered in by the Biden Administration; gerrymandering in Ohio as state legislators redraw political district lines; and the potential for voter suppression bills to take root in the Buckeye State. Continue reading

Allegheny Technologies Inc. workers ratify contract with USW

Workers at Allegheny Technologies Inc. (ATI) ratified a contract with the United Steelworkers, ending a strike at the company.

North Coast Area Labor Federation President Pat Gallagher discussed the new contract, its terms, why workers went on strike and more on today’s episode of the America’s Workforce Union Podcast. Continue reading

Workers are left behind as wages stagnate and prices rise

All jobs are not all equal. Some positions have more rights than others, including the ability to negotiate for better wages and benefits, while others have less support and may be forced to accept what they are offered.

This has led more workers to explore ways to solidify their workplace rights. Working Class Perspectives contributor Leo Jennings described what a working class bill of rights could look like when he appeared on the AWF Union Podcast. Continue reading

Democrats seek alternative routes to pass infrastructure bill, other legislation

Senate Democrats are hitting roadblocks as they attempt to move forward with key agenda items.

AFL-CIO Director of Government Affairs Bill Samuel works first-hand with Senators on these key pieces of legislation. Samuel joined the AWF Union Podcast to discuss the progress being made on the pro-worker agenda. He gave an update on the American Jobs Plan, the filibuster, the PRO Act and more. Continue reading

Companies mistreat workers through temp agencies, independent contracting

Women face unique struggles in the workplace. In order to limit these problems, they are pushing Senate Democrats to pass the PRO Act.

For women, documenting workplace problems can be difficult, as many go unreported because they are afraid to speak out. Mindy Isser, contributor to The Nation, told the stories some women are facing on the AWF Union Podcast. Continue reading

South Carolina unions seek to improve anti-union sentiment

South Carolina remains a historically anti-union state. Labor groups in the state have been working to ease the anti-union sentiment but struggle due to unfriendly politicians.

South Carolina AFL-CIO Field Director Jennifer Tague joined the America’s Work Force Union Podcast to discuss her role as field director, how the organization is working to overcome the anti-union sentiment and more. Continue reading

Union jobs help struggling veterans make the transition back to civilian life

While Memorial Day is a great time to reflect on military service members lost while serving, it is just as important to remember those who lost their battle upon returning home.

Union Veterans Council Executive Director Will Attig joined America’s Work Force Union Podcast for a special Memorial Day episode. He spoke about his experience in the military, transitioning into civilian life and more. Continue reading

Union leaders rally behind President on labor reform

Many people in the labor movement feel President Biden is the leader who will bring change for working people. Where others talked a big game, President Biden has put plans in place.

Metal Trades Department President Jimmy Hart was excited about the future of the Biden administration when he joined AWF Union Podcast. He discussed current legislation and what work of the Metal Trades Department. Continue reading

President Biden focuses in on labor law reform

President Biden has been working to bring Republicans with him on the American Jobs Act and other key labor issues. So far there has been little hope for bipartisanship.

United Auto Workers Legislative Director Josh Nassar is hoping for some bipartisanship, but does not see it happening anytime soon. He discussed the USMCA, the American Jobs Plan and other labor reforms on America’s Work Force Union Podcast. Continue reading

Painters cheer pro-labor attitude and legislation of the Biden administration

Union labor and infrastructure will go hand-in-hand if the Biden administration is able to find a way to get Congressional Democrats and Republicans to come together and agree on an infrastructure plan.

International Union of Painters and Allied Trades (IUPAT) General Vice President at Large Jimmy Williams Jr. expressed the need for an infrastructure bill when he appeared on AWF Union Podcast. He also explained why unions need to keep pushing for the PRO Act and other pro-labor legislation. Continue reading