President Biden focuses in on labor law reform

President Biden has been working to bring Republicans with him on the American Jobs Act and other key labor issues. So far there has been little hope for bipartisanship.

United Auto Workers Legislative Director Josh Nassar is hoping for some bipartisanship, but does not see it happening anytime soon. He discussed the USMCA, the American Jobs Plan and other labor reforms on America’s Work Force Union Podcast. Continue reading

Painters cheer pro-labor attitude and legislation of the Biden administration

Union labor and infrastructure will go hand-in-hand if the Biden administration is able to find a way to get Congressional Democrats and Republicans to come together and agree on an infrastructure plan.

International Union of Painters and Allied Trades (IUPAT) General Vice President at Large Jimmy Williams Jr. expressed the need for an infrastructure bill when he appeared on AWF Union Podcast. He also explained why unions need to keep pushing for the PRO Act and other pro-labor legislation. Continue reading

AFL-CIO and affiliated groups push the PRO Act during week of action

Throughout the U.S., labor organizations and leaders are coming together to make their voices heard in support of labor-friendly legislation, such as the PRO Act.

One person who has been working diligently to convince Ohioans and Ohio’s representatives of the importance of the PRO Act is Ohio AFL-CIO President Tim Burga. He joined the AWF Union Podcast to discuss what is being done to pass the PRO Act, why an infrastructure bill is needed and other topics. Continue reading

President Biden pleases organized labor in first address to Congress

Following President Biden’s first formal address to Congress as commander-in-chief, the labor community is growing confident he will be able to deliver on key, labor-focused campaign promises.

The AFL-CIO has been heavily involved in keeping the pressure on President Biden and is doing what they can to advance his agenda. AFL-CIO Director of Government Affairs Bill Samuel joined AWF Union Podcast to discuss what needs to be done to strengthen the labor movement. Continue reading

DFAS employees hope to gain ground under the Biden administration

The Trump administration acted fast to undermine federal workers and the unions who represent them. These workers remain optimistic they will gain some leverage back with the Biden administration in charge.

Working on the frontlines and experiencing these changes are American Federation of Government Employees Local 3283 members Joey Graceffo and Dan Drost. The pair joined AWF Union Podcast to discuss what the members of Local 3283 do, the PRO Act, the abilities of public sector unions and more. Continue reading

Biden administration quickly moves to help the middle class with infrastructure, more

The Congressional Democrats and President Biden have been working diligently to provide relief to the American People. They also have their sights set on an infrastructure plan and other union-friendly legislation.

The AFL-CIO has made their voice clear on the progress made by the Biden administration. Ohio AFL-CIO President Tim Burga discussed his pleasure with the progress and discussed what he would like to see happen next. Continue reading

Democrats celebrate legislative wins, despite uphill battle on the PRO Act

Democrats and labor groups are coming off celebrations of passing the American Rescue Act and passing the PRO Act in the House of Representatives. Despite the light mood, the PRO Act faces an uphill battle in the Senate.

At the forefront of the battle to pass the PRO Act has been the AFL-CIO, hosting townhalls and other events to encourage workers to let their representatives know they are in favor of the legislation. AFL-CIO Government Affairs Director Bill Samuel appeared on AWF Union Podcast to discuss the American Rescue Plan and the progress of the PRO Act. Continue reading

Unions applaud President Biden’s quick action on labor issues

One of the signature themes of the Biden campaign was giving the labor community and unions a seat at the table. Labor leaders throughout the nation are rejoicing in this promise kept, as President Biden is aggressively tackling and addressing labor issues.

One member of the labor community who is ecstatic about the advancements made is Tom Buffenbarger, who appeared on America’s Work Force Union Podcast to discuss the PRO Act, a merger potentially resulting in a railroad spanning North America and other infrastructure issues. Continue reading

Construction work set for a busy 2021 on the heels of the COVID-19 pandemic

Labor groups are rejoicing in the Biden administrations quick actions, especially on pension relief and talk about a potential infrastructure plan in the near future.

Ohio State Building and Construction Trades Council Executive Secretary Mike Knisley gave an update on the 2021 construction year for Ohio, pension relief being included in the COVID-19 relief bill, state and federal infrastructure plans and the need to pass the PRO Act on America’s Work Force Union Podcast. Continue reading

Federal workers push for labor law reforms with Democratic majority

Federal employees serving veterans at the Veterans Affairs (VA ) have been vocal about needing more COVID-19 guidelines, protections and pay for working in a potentially dangerous environment. They finally believe help is on the way.

American Federation of Government Employees Local 31 President Darryll Bell said elected officials are beginning to pay attention when he appeared on America’s Work Force Union Podcast. He also discussed the need to strengthen labor law and more. Continue reading