Payday lending getting out of control as pandemic causes people to lose source of income

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to have a presence throughout the country, Americans who have come under financial stress have turned to payday lending after losing their source of income.

Policy Matters Ohio Project Director of Asset Building Kalitha Williams discussed the various types of short term loans, how they affect consumers and what is being done to make these loans more fair on America’s Work Force Union Podcast. Continue reading

Policy Matters Ohio anticipates wave of worker protections during Biden administration

The Trump administration has worked behind the scenes to rollback protections for workers, leaving the incoming Biden administration plenty of work to do.

Policy Matters Ohio Research Director Zach Schiller told the America’s Work Force Union Podcast audience that President-elect Biden will have an uphill battle trying to restore and implement many protections for workers. He also analyzed how the Trump administration has hurt workers. Continue reading

Ohioans have been hit hard according to Policy Matters Ohio

Policy Matters Ohio researcher Michael Shields talked about how Ohio workers are dealing with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, how workers can protect their wages and more on the Sept. 21 episode of America’s Work Force Union Podcast. Continue reading

New initiative helps bring equality to those in a forgotten region

With Appalachia being a region that has fallen behind in terms of progress compared to other regions, Caitlin Johnson of Policy Matters Ohio discussed a new coalition called Reimagine Appalachia on the Aug. 13 episode of America’s Work Force Radio Podcast. Continue reading

United Auto Workers Leader Discuss the Impact COVID-19 has had on the Economy

Legislative Director of the United Auto Workers, Josh Nassar spoke with America’s Work Force Radio Podcast on July 9 to explain how the COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on the United States economy. Continue reading

Minority Health Strike Force and Racial Disparities Detailed by Policy Matters Ohio

Kalitha Williams, Senior Project Director of Policy Matters Ohio spoke with America’s Work Force Radio Podcast on June 11 about the Minority Health Strike Force and racial disparities. Continue reading

The Importance of Participating in the Census Discussed on America’s Work Force

Desiree Hoffman, International Representative with the United Steelworkers spoke with America’s Work Force on March 12 to discuss why everyone should participate in the 2020 census. Continue reading