Unions, workers gain momentum and lose ground throughout the country

As Amazon workers in Alabama are in the midst of a union vote, workers across the country are seeing various rates of progress on labor rights in the early stages of the Biden administration.

United Food and Commercial Workers International Union Assistant General Counsel Amanda Jaret detailed three cases where workers are either seeing positive results or are being hindered in their efforts on America’s Work Force Union Podcast. Continue reading

Newsrooms ramp up organizing efforts with the NewsGuild

The newspaper industry has morphed and evolved over the past decade. What was once a physical copy picked up at a new stand, is now a twitter link to be read on a mobile device or desktop.

The problem with the ever evolving news industry is that many people work within it, and their jobs are constantly at risk. NewsGuild President Jon Schleuss joined AWF Union Podcast to discuss why newsrooms are being downsized and how workers are taking back power. Continue reading

New union marketing tactics for unions in the south

A major challenge for unions is and always will be recruiting new members. It is even greater of a challenge for unions who have jurisdiction in So-Called “Right to Work” states. So what do they do to attract new members and contractors?

The International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Local 8 Southeast President Glenn Kelly explained to listeners today how they market themselves to potential members and contractors. Continue reading

Headless Mumby Brewery organizes with SMART Local 66

Breweries have long been a place associated with unionism and organized labor. However, many smaller breweries did not follow the same path due to small staff size and reasonable conditions.

The staff of one brewery in Olympia, Washington made the decision to organize with SMART Local 66 because of the prospect of better wages, good retirement benefits and to be a part of something. SMART Northwest Regional Council President Tim Carter joined AWF Union Podcast to talk about the brewery and the beer they brew. Continue reading

IBEW Local 89 organizes legislative aides in Oregon

The work of legislative staff is often overlooked. These people work hard to steer legislation and policy while also acting as the point of contact who schedules appearances and connects the public with their representatives.

IBEW Local 89 Business Representative and Organizer Tony Ruiz joined AWF Union Podcast with legislative aide to Oregon State Senator Michael Dembrow Logan Gilles to provide an update on an organizing drive and why legislative staff deserve workplace representation. Continue reading

IAM celebrates organizing wins as Congress approves new stimulus package

As Congress passed a late night stimulus package, President-elect Biden continues to signal cabinet picks. Despite this, speculation still looms as to who will be tapped for labor secretary and commerce secretary.

Tom Buffenbarger, an independent labor voice and former general president of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) joined AWF Union Podcast to give his early thoughts on the stimulus package, Organizing wins for the IAM and more. Continue reading

Labor Lawyer explains how President-elect Biden can clean up the mess left by Pres. Trump’s NLRB

After four years of having a National Labor Relations Board side with employers over workers, Joe Biden must make the board more labor-friendly

Labor Lawyer Joyce Goldstein, of Goldstein Gragel, LLC discussed the current anti-worker National Labor Relation Board (NLRB), the damage they have done to workers and how the Biden administration will work to make it more labor-friendly on America’s Work Force Union Podcast. Continue reading

New Insulators GP tells his story and lays out his goals

Newly appointed Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers General President Gregory T. Revard provided his account of coming up through the ranks, his goals for the Insulators union and more on the Oct. 2 episode of America’s Work Force Union Podcast. Continue reading

The Progressive says unions make the difference in a pandemic

Sharon Johnson of The Progressive Magazine discussed essential workers during the pandemic, the hazardous conditions they have worked in and what workers can do to help themselves on the Sept. 21 edition of America’s Work Force Union Podcast. Continue reading