Reviewing the Biden administration’s plan to address the supply chain crisis

AFL-CIO Maritime Trades Department Executive Secretary-Treasurer Dan Duncan joined the America’s Work Force Union Podcast to discuss efforts by the Biden Administration to solve the current supply chain crisis. Continue reading

President Biden makes the Jones Act a priority for American workers

President Biden has ushered in an agenda of rebuilding the American economy. Whether this is through infrastructure projects or domestic shipping supporting American workers, all aspects will help the economy recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Maritime Trades Department Executive Secretary-Treasurer Dan Duncan explained how the American shipping industry is getting a boost. He also discussed the Warrior Met Coal strike and a recent fundraiser. Continue reading

Thorough Background Checks Discussed on America’s Work Force

Gail Tate and Ebony Douglas, both from American Federation of Government Employees, AFGE, Local 3283, spoke with America’s Work Force about extensive background checks for people who want to work within the government. Continue reading