Cargo ships pile up as truck drivers continue delivering goods

The COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing economic shutdowns have caused global disruptions to the supply chain. As a result, some governments made the decision to intervene in an attempt to correct the negative impacts.

Teamsters Western Region International Vice President Ron Herrera joined the America’s Work Force Union Podcast to discuss how the Teamsters are interpreting and handling irregularities in the shipping industry. He also discussed how the U.S. federal government is stepping in to help and what may come of their effort. Continue reading

Brooklyn oil workers enter fifth month of labor strike

Brooklyn oil workers at the United Metro Energy Corp. in New York City have been on strike for five months, as they demand a fair union contract after two years of failed negotiations.

Since April 19, the workers have maintained a 24-hour picket line.

They joined Teamsters Local 553 in February 2019 and since that time have been fighting for a contract. The essential workers supply New York with heating oil, diesel and gasoline — but are paid as much as 50 percent less than similar workers doing the same job in the same area. They also receive inferior health and retirement benefits. Continue reading

Teamsters secure contracts with XPO Logistics in Trenton and Miami

Organizing has been tough at XPO Logistics, a diverse freight hauling company that does logistics for the likes of Pepsi, Quaker and IKEA. The company has been notoriously anti-union. After holding successful votes for unionization, many locations have struggled to get a first contract.

After a long fight, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters ratified separate contracts for its members in Trenton, N.J. and Miami. The contracts were signed a week apart.

Greg Chockley, National Campaign Coordinator for the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, joined the America’s Work Force Union Podcast to discuss the Teamster’s efforts to ratify the contracts, anti-union strategies used by XPO during negotiations and more. Continue reading

Biden administration encourages purchase of American-made goods

The federal government spends large amounts of money purchasing new equipment, preparing reserves and standing ready to help the American people. The Biden White House is ensuring these purchases support American workers and American business.

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters are the established professionals when it comes to warehousing and transportation of goods within the U.S. Teamsters Legislative Representative Mike Dolan advocated for an investment of American made goods on the AWF Union Podcast. He also explained how the Biden administration is making the investment happen. Continue reading

Organizing Amazon employees: Why it needs to be done

Although a recent union organizing drive at an Amazon fulfilment center in Alabama failed, union leaders are calling for more organizing attempts as companies continue to undermine workplace safety and worker rights.

International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 1932 Secretary-Treasurer/Principal Officer Randy Korgan discussed the need to organize Amazon workers on the AWF Union Podcast. Korgan also explained what Teamsters Local 1932 members do and more. Continue reading

Teamsters on strike at United Metro Energy

Teamsters at United Metro Energy are on strike because of unfair labor practices. Teamsters Local 553 Secretary-Treasurer and Principal Officer Demos Demopoulos joined the AWF Union Podcast to talk about the strike and how United Metro is pushing back against the union. Continue reading

St. Paul refinery workers remain locked out following short strike

Industrial work is some of the most difficult and dangerous work in the U.S. The training and safety precautions needed to work in a safe manner are great, but some companies are not meeting their responsibility of providing a safe work environment.

Workers at one Marathon refinery were recently locked out after demonstrating a one-day strike. Teamsters Local 120 Chief Union Steward Dean Benson joined AWF Union Podcast to discuss the strike, the lockout, what the workers need to work safely and more. Continue reading

Teamsters strike at Marathon refinery in Minnesota

Throughout the country, the labor community is rising up and speaking out against what they feel is a betrayal of local workers, who dedicate portions of their career to training and professionalism.

A recent decision by Marathon at a refinery in Minnesota sparked their labor community to come together in collective action against the petroleum giant. Steamfitters and Pipefitters Local 455 Business Manager Tony Poole joined AWF Union Podcast to detail the action and why it is needed. Continue reading

Democrats inch closer to providing pension relief with new COVID-19 bill

Pension plans have become one of the more prominent political issues in recent years, as Democrats seek to provide decades worth of funding, while Republicans wish to move on from the issue without action.

International Brotherhood of Teamsters Vice President at Large John Murphy discussed pension solvency and the various plans to fix the issue on America’s Work Force Union Podcast. Continue reading

Teamsters Local 25 encourage organizing to combat COVID-19 related issues

Workplace safety is always an important topic, but has become even more important due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Unions have been at the forefront of valuing workplace safety.

International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 25 Director of Organizing Chris Smolinsky discussed how workers have been affected by the pandemic, the issues that arose and how some addressed these issues by organizing. Continue reading