Electric vehicle market to create a huge demand for electrician jobs

Under President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda, 50 percent of all cars sold will be electric by 2030. Earlier this month, Detroit’s Big Three automakers announced plans to have half of their vehicles be electric-powered by 2030. Volkswagen plans to have 70 percent of its sedan and SUV sales to be electric by 2030.

The electric car is quickly becoming a reality, transforming the vehicle landscape. And that has the potential to create plenty of jobs for union electricians — not just in the construction and maintenance of these vehicles, but also in the infrastructure needed to power them. Biden has called for the creation of 500,000 charging stations. For comparison’s sake, there are currently 115,000 gas stations and 41,000 charging stations.

Justin Walsh, Training Director for IBEW 567, joined America’s Work Force Union Podcast to discuss what the move toward electric vehicles will mean for union jobs and how his union is preparing to meet the demand. Continue reading