U.S. Senate candidate discusses ranked-choice voting and jobs creation

On the Sept. 9 episode of America’s Work Force Union Podcast Senate candidate Lisa Savage spoke about the strategies of unseating an unfavorable incumbent, the support from her party and union members and the effects of a Green New Deal. Continue reading

Dr. Jill Stein Demands Corporations be Held Accountable

Dr. Jill Stein, two time presidential candidate of the Green Party spoke with America’s Work Force Radio Podcast on June 10 about holding corporations accountable and the Black Lives Matter movement. Continue reading

Using Union Workers on the Sherwin Williams Project Discussed on America’s Work Force

Yanela Sims, Ohio State Director and Vice President of Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 1 spoke with America’s Work Force on March 11 about Sherwin Williams moving to non-union janitors. Continue reading