Rebuilding the post COVID-19 economy through green energy

Recently released federal infrastructure plans and major corporations have pointed to renewable energy ousting fossil fuels. Not only is the up front cost of green energy systems dropping, but they are better for the environment than fossil fuels.

Dave Bush of Environmental Entrepreneurs joined Ed “Flash” Ferenc on the AWF Union Podcast to discuss the future of the energy industry and what the building trades will need to do in order to prepare tradesmen and tradeswomen to perform this work. Continue reading

Melink Corporation encourages companies to invest in green technologies

With President Joe Biden winning the 2020 Presidential Election, the U.S. is moving towards being a producer of green energy. Companies are taking notice and are investing in green technologies.

One of the companies leading the way in green technology is the Melink Corporation. Melink Corporation CEO Steve Melink joined AWF Union Podcast to introduce the company, discuss the new infrastructure plan and more. Continue reading