Could amending the filibuster benefit unions?

Democrats have control of Congress in both the U.S. House and Senate, but if the filibuster rule requiring a supermajority of 60 votes to pass Senate legislation remains, much of its pro-union legislation will remain stalled at the gate.

Bill Samuel, Director of Government Affairs for the AFL-CIO, joined the America’s Work Force Union Podcast to discuss why changing or amending the filibuster would change the game for unions and the right to organize. Continue reading

Labor groups advocate for broadband expansion, telecommunications regulation

While Democrats have stalled without a 60 member super majority in the Senate, members of the labor community are calling on them to take action to subvert the filibuster rule.

Communications Workers of America District 4 Administrative Director Frank Mathews explained how Senate Democrats can get around the filibuster and why they need to do it as soon as possible. He also discussed the expansion of broadband to rural America and poor inner city neighborhoods. Continue reading