COVID-19 relief bill funds pensions for decades to come

Retired Americans and those soon to retire breathed a sigh of relief after the passage of the most recent COVID-19 relief bill, which includes stimulus checks and solutions for other problems older Americans face.

Alliance for Retired Americans Executive Director Rich Fiesta joined America’s Work Force Union Podcast to analyze the new COVID-19 relief bill and the PRO Act and the uphill battle it faces in the Senate. Continue reading

UAW encourages COVID-19 relief from Congress and President Biden

After celebrating their retention of the House of Representatives and winning of the U.S. Senate and White House, Democrats are beginning to focus on campaign promises, including labor-friendly initiatives.

United Auto Workers Legislative Representative Desiree Hoffman explained what form of COVID-19 relief is coming and what Congress is doing to pass the PRO Act on America’s Work Force Union Podcast. Continue reading

Sen. Sherrod Brown talks up apprenticeship programs and COVID-19 relief

Thanks to wave of energy by Democratic voters throughout the country, especially Georgia, Democrats retained power in the House of Representatives, the Senate and won the White House.

U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown discussed where his efforts will be focused over the next two years, the progress being made on COVID-19 relief and more on America’s Work Force Union Podcast. Continue reading