Mechanical insulators look ahead to clean energy work

As the U.S. begins the gradual shift away from fossil fuels towards cleaner energy sources, building trades unions are working to make sure their members are trained to work on these new technologies to ensure they have future work.

Mechanical insulators stand to gain a great amount of work, as their trade deals directly with energy conservation. Mechanical Insulators Labor Management Cooperative Trust (LMCT) Deputy Director Gina Walsh detailed her career for AWF Union Podcast listeners. She also explained how mechanical insulators can lead the way in energy conservation. Continue reading

Climate Jobs Illinois to create 300,000 jobs, including for Mechanical Insulators, other trades

Plans are being developed throughout the country to create hundreds of thousands of good paying, union jobs, while also striving to improve environmental conditions.

Mechanical Insulators Labor Management and Cooperative Trust Executive Director Pete Ielmini joined AWF Union Podcast to shine light on an Illinois program designed to bring clean energy, union jobs to the state. Continue reading