How charter schools profit off the backs of taxpayers

Charter schools have developed into a problem for some in the past three to four decades. While these schools operate as nonprofit organizations, many believe they are generating massive profits at the expense of taxpayers.

One such person is Our Schools Chief Correspondent and Writing Fellow Jeff Bryant. Bryant joined AWF Union Podcast to explain how some charter schools are generating profits and taking from taxpayers. He later told the story of two Floridians generating large profits through the schools. Continue reading

Minneapolis teachers raise concerns before returning to the classroom

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected workers in all industries, with some being able to work from home, who are now being forced back into work with little to no protections.

Minneapolis Federation of Teachers Local 59 Teacher Chapter President Greta Callahan explained the concerns of teachers in Minneapolis as they are being pulled back into the classroom on America’s Work Force Union Podcast. Continue reading

Charter schools taking funding away from public schools when they need it most

Just like state’s public schools, charter schools receive funding through the same funding formula and resources. This creates issues as charter schools take funding away from public schools and if a charter school fails, they can just pick up and leave.

American Federation of Teachers – West Virginia President Fred Albert joined the AWF Union Podcast to explain why charter schools are damaging to public schools. Continue reading

Education Budget and Accountability Discussed on America’s Work Force

Darold Johnson, director of legislation for the Ohio Federation of Teachers spoke to America’s Work Force on June 18 about Ohio school funding and policy. Continue reading