AFL-CIO and affiliated groups push the PRO Act during week of action

Throughout the U.S., labor organizations and leaders are coming together to make their voices heard in support of labor-friendly legislation, such as the PRO Act.

One person who has been working diligently to convince Ohioans and Ohio’s representatives of the importance of the PRO Act is Ohio AFL-CIO President Tim Burga. He joined the AWF Union Podcast to discuss what is being done to pass the PRO Act, why an infrastructure bill is needed and other topics. Continue reading

Biden administration quickly moves to help the middle class with infrastructure, more

The Congressional Democrats and President Biden have been working diligently to provide relief to the American People. They also have their sights set on an infrastructure plan and other union-friendly legislation.

The AFL-CIO has made their voice clear on the progress made by the Biden administration. Ohio AFL-CIO President Tim Burga discussed his pleasure with the progress and discussed what he would like to see happen next. Continue reading

Democrats celebrate legislative wins, despite uphill battle on the PRO Act

Democrats and labor groups are coming off celebrations of passing the American Rescue Act and passing the PRO Act in the House of Representatives. Despite the light mood, the PRO Act faces an uphill battle in the Senate.

At the forefront of the battle to pass the PRO Act has been the AFL-CIO, hosting townhalls and other events to encourage workers to let their representatives know they are in favor of the legislation. AFL-CIO Government Affairs Director Bill Samuel appeared on AWF Union Podcast to discuss the American Rescue Plan and the progress of the PRO Act. Continue reading

Teamsters rejoice as pension relief is included in the American Rescue Plan

Retirees’ and those who will soon retire have gained much needed relief for their pension plans, which had been cut. The American Rescue Plan provides provisions to fund these plans for decades.

One person who has been working on the issue for quite some time is International Brotherhood of Teamsters Vice President At Large John Murphy. He explained what pensioners can expect when he appeared on America’s Work Force Union Podcast. Continue reading

American Rescue Plan to provide funding for transportation, other industries

Financial relief has arrived for Americans and various infrastructure systems, such as the transportation industry that has taken a major hit since the beginning of the pandemic.

Just over a year since the pandemic began in the U.S., Jonna Huseman, Director of Communications for the Transportation Trades Department joined AWF Union Podcast to discuss the specifics in the American Rescue Plan as they relate to transportation, and the importance of infrastructure investment. Continue reading

President Biden’s American Rescue Plan excites labor groups and workers alike

As the Biden administration gains time under its belt, it is moving forward with its pro-labor promises. Additionally, the administration is showing it is willing to work to pass a new relief plan.

AFL-CIO Government Affairs Director Bill Samuel discussed how the Biden administration is moving forward and helping workers on AWF Union Podcast. Samuel also discussed the Biden administration COVID-19 relief plan and how it will help workers. Continue reading