AFL-CIO in good hands with succession of leadership

The passing of labor legend Rich Trumka was a shock to many. Last Friday, Liz Schuler, AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer, was appointed as the organization’s new President.

Fred Redmond was appointed to fill Schuler’s role as AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer.

Tom Buffenbarger, America’s Work Force Union Podcast independent labor voice, joined today’s episode to discuss Trumka’s legacy and why the federation is in good hands under the leadership of Schuler and Redmond. Continue reading

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier programming planned to mark 100 years

With the announcement of troops being withdrawn from Afghanistan starting Sept. 11, Veterans groups are excited to hear that the longest war in U.S. history may finally be coming to an end.

American Legion Director of Media and Communications Jeff Stoffer joined America’s Work Force Union Podcast to discuss the withdrawal of troops. He also previewed stories to be featured in the upcoming edition of the American Legion Magazine. Continue reading