Sexual assault claims fall on deaf ears at McDonald’s

Bryce Covert of the Nation Magazine and the New York Times spoke with America’s Work Force Radio Podcast on Aug. 20 to discuss sexual assault charges against McDonald’s former CEO and the lack of accountability from the corporation.

Sexual harassment at McDonald’s

She began by explaining the story of one of her interviews with victim who experienced sexual harassment while being employed at McDonald’s. The victim described a complete top-down failure. She said the training was inadequate and accountability was nonexistent.

Within the second year on the job she was sexually harassed. She said across the board, there was a lack of training. From entry-level positions all the way up to management, the training on the issue was minimal.

She suggested this led to many employees not knowing what is and is acceptable in the workplace, especially for a company that claims itself as “America’s best first job.”

She said perpetrators of sexual harassment were rarely held accountable, often being sent from franchise to franchise. With no clear hierarchy or chain of command, these types of complaints were often lost, forgotten or swept under the rug.

Covert then explained how the victim switched workplaces and migrated to Little Caesars Pizza. She cited a professional workplace where people understood the chain of command and what the protocol was if sexual harassment were to occur.

Sexual assault on the corporate level

She finished by talking about a corporate culture of sexual assault, where the CEO of McDonald’s was recently ousted amid claims of sexual assaults.


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