President Trump exploited the working class, who propelled him to victory in 2016

The rise of President Trump was a culmination of causes, but those in the working class who saw Hillary Clinton as elitist may have been one of the strongest draws for the President.

University of Northern Iowa Professor of Digital Journalism and contributor to Working Class Perspectives Christopher Martin discussed why the working class is so drawn to President Trump and how journalism will recover as a profession on America’s Work Force Union Podcast.

The basket of deplorables and the working class

Martin began by explaining how President Trump took Hillary Clinton’s remark stating that you could put half of his supporters into a “basket of deplorables.” President Trump turned this into an insult to the working class, exploiting his base into thinking Clinton is an elitist who hates the working class.

He also spoke about how he does not believe President Trump will ever concede to President-elect Joe Biden. As an administration, this one has ignored all traditions and he does not expect them to honor this one.

The future of journalism

Journalism has entered a dark era where people expect news without cost, leading to many newspapers collapsing or limiting distribution.

He attributed this to the internet and online advertising. The increased use in the internet has shifted advertising revenue away from newspapers and towards companies like Google and Facebook.

This, paired with the way President Trump and others in power have demonized reporters and news outlets leaves a long path back to making journalism an attractive profession.

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