NABTU Research and Education official explains recruiting more tradeswomen

Throughout the country there is a concerted effort to recruit more women into the building trades and show them that they are valuable and welcome in the industry.

North America’s Building Trades Unions (NABTU) Director of Research and Education Tom Kriger explained why it is a great time to get in the trades, the training provided by NABTU and more on AWF Union Podcast.

Start a career in the building trades

Kriger said now is an excellent time to get into the building trades. The constant need for tradespeople and the high rate of unemployment makes it a no-brainer for those out of work to apply for a registered apprenticeship.

Kriger then introduced the Multi-Craft Core Curriculum (MC3) that he helped to develop. The hands-on and classroom driven instruction program has helped some 7,000 people find a career in the building trades.

While the curriculum exposes participants to all of the trades, Kriger said there is not a single trade that sees a disproportionate amount of people enter. He added that the MC3 has proven to increase retention in those who go on to apply for registered apprenticeship programs.

Kriger noted that the MC3 also covers diversity awareness and sexual harassment prevention. This portion of the curriculum was developed explicitly by the NABTU Tradeswomen Committee.

Recruiting women on the local level

Kriger later discussed how states and local building trades councils are putting forth more of an effort to recruit women into the building trades.

He used the Cleveland Tradeswomen Committee as the model example. The committee holds outreach events and charity events where tradeswomen and perspective tradeswomen can come together for comradery and mentorship.

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