Former Ohio Attorney General Addressing Mobilizing Lawyers

Former Ohio Attorney General and now an attorney with Dann Law, Marc Dann spoke with America’s Work Force Radio Podcast on June 26 about mobilizing lawyers to represent working class victims of the pandemic recession.

Marc DannDann spoke about how the recession caused by the pandemic has impacted thousands of people across the country. As a result of the pandemic many businesses were shut down. Without jobs, incomes are cut off and some may encounter financial stress. Dann explained how his law firm has mobilized lawyers to go after loan agencies who deceived people into signing contracts they would not be able to pay back. He said the loan agencies were dealing out predatory loans and his law firm was going to fight back to right the wrongs of agencies taking advantage of the working class. He also discussed debt collectors being aggressive during the pandemic.

United SteelworkersDirector of Education and Member Development with the United Steelworkers, Lisa Jordan spoke about education programs during the COVID-19 pandemic. She first discussed how the USW canceled all in person classes due to COVID-19 and needed to find ways to continue education programs for their members. Jordan explained that the USW were able to continue their education programs using online video communication tools, such as Zoom. Jordan said due to social distancing standards, it has been difficult instructing her programs virtually but she is adjusting to the “new normal.’

AWF Radio Podcast host Ed “Flash” Ferenc spoke about the INVEST Act and what makes it a great bill.

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