Ed “Flash” Ferenc

Host of America’s Work Force

A highly regarded, hall-of-fame career broadcaster, Flash was part of one of the most popular radio programs in the nation, the “Jeff and Flash Show” on WMMS Radio in Cleveland from 1973 through 1994. Many current programs on the airways still use that show as a foundation for their own formats.

“We’ve seen a rapid consolidation in broadcast media in the past 10 years, and the result is the little broadcasters are gone; they have been sold off to the giants and the little guys have been written off. In fact, when was the last time you heard a talk show host slam the oil companies, the drug companies or the insurance companies? It doesn’t happen anymore. That’s where America’s Work Force comes in – we’re the little mouse that roared. We represent the workers.”

Ed “Flash” Ferenc, 2008

As the son of a union steelworker, the importance of giving working middle-class families everywhere a “leg-up” through America’s Work Force Radio has become a special mission for host Ed “Flash” Ferenc.

And Flash knows just how to deliver the America’s Work Force unique but vital message.

Flash began hosting America’s Work Force in February of 1998, taking over full-time hosting duties six months later.