Cleveland Better Business Bureau Pres. warns listeners to holiday and COVID-19 scammers

Scammers tend to ramp up their activity around the holidays. Cleveland Better Business Bureau President Sue McConnell educated and informed listeners about some of the scams that are currently finding victims on America’s Work Force Union Podcast.

Online purchasing scams

McConnell cited a report that just came out labeling online purchasing scams as the riskiest scam for the third consecutive year. It comes as no surprise this year, as many have ramped up their online shopping activity due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

She suggested buyers research who the seller is and if the price seems too good to be true, it’s probably because it is a scam.

If companies ask for consumers to pay for a product or service through a money transfer website or app such as Venmo or Cash App, they are likely scams. She reminded listeners to never pay a company by purchasing unrelated gift cards and passing the card number.

Amazon scam

With many people using Amazon for shopping and delivery because of COVID-19, McConnell said scammers are targeting Amazon users and saying their accounts have been compromised and that they need the consumer to purchase prepaid gift cards and provide the serial number to get their account back.

No company will ever force a consumer to pay in prepaid gift cards while your account is locked out. Scammers use these cards as a way to get free prepaid gift cards.

Rogue movers scam

Finally, McConnell talked about moving company scams. With many people being forced to move or downsize due to the COVID-19 pandemic, McConnell said scammers are disguising themselves as movers and then just stealing peoples stuff.

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