CEO of the Finishing Contractors Association Addresses Multiemployer Pension Reform

Anthony Darkangelo, CEO of the Finishing Contractors Association spoke with America’s Work Force Radio Podcast on June 3 about multi-employer pension reform.

Finishing Contractors AssociationDarkangelo first spoke about unions and the benefits of union training. He explained that the union difference is evident in the quality of work completed and the better pay and benefits received. Darkangelo then spoke about multi-employer pension plans and legislation in Congress to strengthen the pension system. With people in danger of losing the benefits they worked for their entire lives, he stressed that more needs to be done to protect the pensions, such as a composite plan to create a sustainable lifetime income. Darkangelo continued by speaking about the Give Retirement Options to Workers Act, listed in the HEROES Act, which fights to provide viable retirement options for workers.

Dave Megenhardt United Labor AgencyDave Megenhardt, Executive Director of the United Labor Agency spoke about an increase in job options as the economy reopens across the United States. He said that many new employees will have to start off working from home in order to comply with social distancing standards. Megenhardt also spoke about a virtual job fair hosted by the ULA featuring 82 businesses looking for workers. The workers will do video calls with members of the various companies.

AWF host Ed “Flash” Ferenc spoke about Facebook employees virtual walkout after Facebook co-founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, refused to delete President Trump’s posts calling to demonstrate violence on protesters.

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