American Legion: Afghanistan veterans need support, understanding and healing

The recent withdrawl of U.S. troops from Afghanistan has left the country in ruins as the U.S.-supported government and army surrendered to the Taliban.

Jeffrey Stoffer, American Legion Director of Media and Communications, joined the America’s Work Force Union Podcast to discuss why he feels the efforts of Afghanistan and post-9-11 veterans ultimately kept America safe from terror — and where struggling veterans can turn to get help during this difficult time. Continue reading

Transferring skills from the military to the civilian workforce

Many military service personnel struggle to adjust to civilian life after they complete their time in the service. Finding a career where their skills are transferable can be difficult, but the work ethic of veterans often makes them great employees.

An article in the upcoming American Legion Magazine will discuss transferable skills and finding civilian employment after leaving the service. American Legion Director of Media and Communications Jeff Stoffer joined the AWF Union Podcast to preview this story and another about the use of Agent Orange in the Vietnam War. Continue reading

Protecting missions, boosting unity through military code names

Militaries around the world have used code names for missions and other activities for over a century. The reasons vary from mission secrecy to unification and mission vision.

The American Legion will highlight the history of military code naming in their June magazine. American Legion Director of Media and Communications Jeff Stoffer joined AWF Union Podcast to preview this story and discuss treatment of military interpreters and veteran suicide. Continue reading

UA VIP Program helps transitioning service members begin careers

While some veterans struggle to transition into meaningful careers, the United Association is working to help prepare active-duty transitioning military service members for a career in the pipe trades.

This Memorial Day, UA Veterans in Piping Program Administrator Mike Hazard joined the AWF Union Podcast to detail the VIP Program, explain how it helps service members transition back to civilian life and more. Continue reading

Union jobs help struggling veterans make the transition back to civilian life

While Memorial Day is a great time to reflect on military service members lost while serving, it is just as important to remember those who lost their battle upon returning home.

Union Veterans Council Executive Director Will Attig joined America’s Work Force Union Podcast for a special Memorial Day episode. He spoke about his experience in the military, transitioning into civilian life and more. Continue reading

Veterans groups bring awareness to veteran suicide rate

Dating back to the earliest days of the U.S. armed forces, veteran suicide has been a problem. Sadly, suicide rate for veterans has increased as the years have passed,  which has spurred veterans groups into action.

The American Legion is working to reduce the veteran suicide rate through programming and legislation. Jeff Stoffer, the American Legion Director of Media and Communications, joined the AWF Union Podcast to discuss veteran suicide, veteran deportations and the new World War I memorial. Continue reading

Military COVID-19 vaccination rates rise as confidence increases

Due to past instances of forced vaccination of military service members with experimental vaccines and medicines, the military community lags the civilian population in percentage of those vaccinated.

Navy veteran and contributing writer to The Nation Andrew McCormick joined America’s Work Force Union Podcast to discuss how various news outlets have covered the climate change crisis and why the military service population has been hesitant to get the COVID-19 vaccination. Continue reading

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier programming planned to mark 100 years

With the announcement of troops being withdrawn from Afghanistan starting Sept. 11, Veterans groups are excited to hear that the longest war in U.S. history may finally be coming to an end.

American Legion Director of Media and Communications Jeff Stoffer joined America’s Work Force Union Podcast to discuss the withdrawal of troops. He also previewed stories to be featured in the upcoming edition of the American Legion Magazine. Continue reading

The American Legion applauds increased calls for civics education

Survey after survey shows younger Americans are falling behind when it comes to civics, constitutional rights and more. There are efforts underway to reintroduce much of this curriculum to American classrooms.

The American Legion Magazine will publish an article on the importance of civics in their upcoming edition. They will also publish a story about the importance of personal fitness and what the Legion is doing to increase awareness of fitness. The American Legion Magazine Managing Editor Matt Grills joined AWF Union Podcast to discuss this and more. Continue reading

Kelley & Ferraro’s Kevin Corrigan on America’s Work Force Radio

Kevin Corrigan, the business manager at a law firm called Kelley & Ferraro, was one of two featured guests on America’s Work Force Radio.

Kelley & FerraroOn Oct. 24th, Kevin Corrigan was featured on America’s Work Force to talk about asbestos related cancer. Kevin works for a law firm called Kelley & Ferraro and they deal with victims of asbestos related cancer, medical malpractice, workers compensation and wrongful deaths. Corrigan discussed how he and his partners travel with a mobile x-ray unit to union halls and do x-rays on workers who worked from 1979 and earlier for at least 5 years and find out if they have any asbestos related diseases and then are able to represent them if they would like if the tests come back positive. Corrigan has been doing these screenings since 2006 and his firm has been doing them since 2000! By having a mobile x-ray unit, they are able to travel to different union halls across the country and test their workers, which is incredibly convenient and timely.

Modern Warrior LiveRich DeChant with Tri-C Veterans Initiative, was our second guest on the show. He works in the veterans programs that are meant to help veterans get access to affordable education and workforce training programs, which allows them to transition successfully from military to civilian life. He also talks to hiring managers and discusses the benefits of hiring veterans and also how to fill in the gaps in their training. DeChant mentioned a live show in Cleveland called Modern Warrior Live, which is meant to bridge the gap between veteran and civilian communities.

Show host Ed “Flash” Ferenc talked about the Janus decision, the Workplace Democracy Enhancement Act in New Jersey, problems with opting out of union contracts, and a boilermaker lockout while fighting against an anti-union contract proposal. Today’s show was fantastic with a lot of cool information and great stories!

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