Montana defeats So-Called “Right to Work” legislation

Despite So-Called “Right to Work” laws being implemented in various states throughout the U.S., Montana recently defeated an attempt to implement the anti-worker legislation in their state.

The Montana AFL-CIO led the charge in terms of groups who pushed back on the bill. Their communications director, James Burrows joined AWF Union Podcast to explain how the opposition campaign worked and how other state federations can do the same. Continue reading

Steelworkers launch campaign to encourage an infrastructure bill

Manufacturing has been leaving U.S. shores for decades as companies find places with little to no labor laws, leading to companies sending operations overseas for cheap labor.

America’s Work Force Union Podcast welcomed United Steelworkers International-Secretary John Shinn to discuss keeping manufacturing jobs in America. In addition to manufacturing, Shinn detailed what he and the USW would like to see in an infrastructure bill. Continue reading

Alabama Amazon organizing drive gains support from both parties, for different reasons

Political leanings shift for demographics over time, despite major party values remaining the same for over half a century. Former President Donald Trump accelerated the shift by having a large draw to middle class and working class Americans.

Contributing writer to Working Class Perspectives, John Russo joined America’s Work Force Union Podcast to discuss why this political shift has occurred. He also discussed what is happening with Amazon workers in Alabama. Continue reading

Newsrooms ramp up organizing efforts with the NewsGuild

The newspaper industry has morphed and evolved over the past decade. What was once a physical copy picked up at a new stand, is now a twitter link to be read on a mobile device or desktop.

The problem with the ever evolving news industry is that many people work within it, and their jobs are constantly at risk. NewsGuild President Jon Schleuss joined AWF Union Podcast to discuss why newsrooms are being downsized and how workers are taking back power. Continue reading

Mechanical Insulators LMCT encourage insulation following Texas storm

The recent winter weather in Texas caused lasting damage to infrastructure, peoples homes and more. This could have been avoided by investing in mechanical insulation according to the International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers.

One person who has been advocating for the use of mechanical insulation is Mechanical Insulators Labor Management and Cooperative Trust Executive Director Pete Ielmini. He joined America’s Work Force Union Podcast to explain how mechanical insulation could have helped prevent some of the damage caused in Texas. Continue reading

Construction work set for a busy 2021 on the heels of the COVID-19 pandemic

Labor groups are rejoicing in the Biden administrations quick actions, especially on pension relief and talk about a potential infrastructure plan in the near future.

Ohio State Building and Construction Trades Council Executive Secretary Mike Knisley gave an update on the 2021 construction year for Ohio, pension relief being included in the COVID-19 relief bill, state and federal infrastructure plans and the need to pass the PRO Act on America’s Work Force Union Podcast. Continue reading

Seattle BCTC uses Project Labor Agreements to get through the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic hit various regions of the U.S. differently. Similarly, government and private industries each handled the pandemic different. One of the first American cities to experience COVID-19 has worked through the issues and managed to keep their construction industry alive.

Seattle Building and Construction Trades Council Executive Secretary Monty Anderson discussed what actions were taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19 among the building trades, how construction has fared and what is being done to diversify the trades in the pacific northwest. Continue reading

American Rescue Plan to provide funding for transportation, other industries

Financial relief has arrived for Americans and various infrastructure systems, such as the transportation industry that has taken a major hit since the beginning of the pandemic.

Just over a year since the pandemic began in the U.S., Jonna Huseman, Director of Communications for the Transportation Trades Department joined AWF Union Podcast to discuss the specifics in the American Rescue Plan as they relate to transportation, and the importance of infrastructure investment. Continue reading

COVID-19 relief bill funds pensions for decades to come

Retired Americans and those soon to retire breathed a sigh of relief after the passage of the most recent COVID-19 relief bill, which includes stimulus checks and solutions for other problems older Americans face.

Alliance for Retired Americans Executive Director Rich Fiesta joined America’s Work Force Union Podcast to analyze the new COVID-19 relief bill and the PRO Act and the uphill battle it faces in the Senate. Continue reading

Anti-union activity at Amazon ramps up calls for labor law reform

As an organizing drive and union vote continues at an Amazon facility in Alabama, the company is doing everything in their power to stop workers from coming together.

Lynn Rhinehart, contributing writer for The Nation and a senior fellow with the Economic Policy Institute joined America’s Work Force Union Podcast to discuss the anti-union tactics of Amazon and why passing the PRO Act is important. Continue reading