National Writers Union official discusses strategies to rebuild the middle class

Some in the labor movement believe certain economic systems to be the roadblock hindering the middle class from achieving economic success and in some cases destroying the middle class.

National Writers Union Recording Secretary Dan McCrory joined America’s Work Force Union Podcast to discuss how the middle class can rebuild itself, what is next for labor unions and more. Continue reading

AFL-CIO, organized labor celebrate the Biden-Harris victory

Labor unions throughout the United States rejoiced when President-elect Joe Biden was declared the presumptive winner and they once again had a friend in the White House.

AFL-CIO Director of Government Affairs Bill Samuel joined America’s Work Force Union Podcast to discuss what the Biden-Harris victory means for organized labor and how they will advance the labor movement. Continue reading

Former IAM President feels Biden provided organized labor a sigh of relief

The anti-union rhetoric and anti-worker policy that ran wild during the four years of the Trump administration instilled fear in many within the labor community. The incoming Biden administration has given them hope and has calmed their nerves.

Former International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) President and independent labor voice Tom Buffenbarger joined America’s Work Force Union Podcast to discuss the impact of this election on the labor community and more. Continue reading

Senior citizens turned out in swing states for President-elect Biden

There was a lot at stake for America’s senior citizens in this year’s presidential election.

Alliance for Retired Americans (ARA) Executive Director Rich Fiesta analyzed the recent election, discussed why America’s seniors voted the way they did and more on America’s Work Force Union Podcast. Continue reading

USW and NCALF leader feels union enthusiasm from President-elect Biden

Under the Trump administration many union leaders have signaled that the labor movement has been slowed down. They have newfound hope from President-elect Biden, who some say will be the most union-friendly president in decades.

United Steelworkers (USW) District 1 Director and North Coast Area Labor Federation (NCALF) President Pat Gallagher discussed increased enthusiasm for unions under President-elect Biden, how union members voted and more on America’s Work Force Union Podcast. Continue reading

IBEW Local 103 BM is excited for a pro-labor Biden-Harris administration

Rumors are floating and discussions are being had for who will hold crucial cabinet positions in the incoming Biden-Harris administration. Labor leaders stand amongst the top candidates.

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 103 Business Manager Lou Antonellis joined AWF Union Podcast to discuss discussions around a local Boston, Mass. politician being named to cabinet position and a recent organizing drive at a Boston casino. Continue reading

Policy Matters Ohio anticipates wave of worker protections during Biden administration

The Trump administration has worked behind the scenes to rollback protections for workers, leaving the incoming Biden administration plenty of work to do.

Policy Matters Ohio Research Director Zach Schiller told the America’s Work Force Union Podcast audience that President-elect Biden will have an uphill battle trying to restore and implement many protections for workers. He also analyzed how the Trump administration has hurt workers. Continue reading

Progressive Populist editor lays out what President-elect Biden needs to do early in his term

With Joe Biden being named President-elect, he can now begin to plan how he will create what some perceive as a mess created during the past four years under President Trump.

Progressive Populist Editor Jim Cullen discussed the details of the election, what he made of each candidate’s performance and the early work Joe Biden will need to do to get the United States back on track after President Trump leaves office. Continue reading

CWA District 4 Administrative Director details Biden’s pro-worker campaign and looks for him to deliver

Throughout the United States, union members are being celebrated for elevating President-elect Joe Biden to victory.

Communications Workers of America (CWA) District 4 Administrative Director Frank Mathews joined America’s Work Force Union Podcast to discuss what the Biden win means for union members, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and what it means to protect the vote. Continue reading

Ohio Building Trades leader provides construction industry update amid COVID-19 and election

Under the Donald Trump presidency, labor leaders have had mixed feelings about whether President Trump helped or hurt various sectors of labor.

Ohio State Building and Construction Trades Council Secretary-Treasurer Mike Knisley explained the good and bad things that have happened for the building trades during the Trump administration and what Ohio building trades leaders are doing to expand the workforce and secure more work. Continue reading