Rollout of Butch Lewis Act will preserve and restore retiree pensions

International Brotherhood of Teamsters Vice President At-Large John Murphy joined the America’s Work Force Union Podcast to discuss the Butch Lewis Act, which preserves and restores the pensions of more than one million retirees and workers. Continue reading

Labor Day special: U.S. Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh joins AWF

The U.S. has a union member at the helm of the Department of Labor for the first time in almost 50 years. Part of the department’s mission is to “foster, promote, and develop the welfare of the wage earners, job seekers, and retirees of the United States.” With a union member leading the way, many in the labor movement believe workers will be better represented than in recent years.

U.S. Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh joined America’s Work Force Union Podcast on the special Labor Day edition. Secretary Walsh discussed his upbringing in a union household, being selected to serve as Labor Secretary, how the department of labor will improve the standing of workers, multiemployer pension plans and more. Continue reading

Union pension funds create work for union members through ERECT funds

Unions have long helped workers better prepare for their retirement by offering a quality pension plan. Some investment groups have realized the stability of these funds and have found ways to help them grow even faster.

PenTrust, a real estate advisory company dealing with building trades unions and other investors, is one such group. PenTrust Chief Operating Officer Tyler Noland explained how PenTrust works, and why their investments are valuable to union members and more. Continue reading

Federal law enforcement officers seek similar retirement as municipal officers

Law enforcement officers within the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) are facing issues that led them to seek union representation. These dedicated officers are now looking to get a retirement package they believe they deserve.

American Federation of Government Employees Local 1969 President Andrew Peterson joined the America’s Work Force Union Podcast to shine a light on the issues faced by members of Local 1969. He also explained how the problems are being resolved. Continue reading

Teamsters rejoice as pension relief is included in the American Rescue Plan

Retirees’ and those who will soon retire have gained much needed relief for their pension plans, which had been cut. The American Rescue Plan provides provisions to fund these plans for decades.

One person who has been working on the issue for quite some time is International Brotherhood of Teamsters Vice President At Large John Murphy. He explained what pensioners can expect when he appeared on America’s Work Force Union Podcast. Continue reading

COVID-19 relief bill funds pensions for decades to come

Retired Americans and those soon to retire breathed a sigh of relief after the passage of the most recent COVID-19 relief bill, which includes stimulus checks and solutions for other problems older Americans face.

Alliance for Retired Americans Executive Director Rich Fiesta joined America’s Work Force Union Podcast to analyze the new COVID-19 relief bill and the PRO Act and the uphill battle it faces in the Senate. Continue reading

Ken Johnson Controversy Discussed on America’s Work Force Radio

Today on our show we had Mark Naymik and Rita Lewis. Mark is from and the Plain Dealer and Rita is widow to Butch Lewis who worked with the Teamsters. Mark Naymik began his time on the show with talking about President Trump and his speech at the United Nations and then spent a while talking about the controversy surrounding Ken Johnson. To conclude his time on the show, Naymik talked about politics, state politics in Ohio involving Cordray and Dewine, the ECOT scandal, and Hyland Software being mentioned on a subpoena served by public corruption investigators. Rita Lewis was our second guest on the show today and she discussed pension plans. She talked about how hard her late husband, Butch Lewis of the Teamsters, fought for keeping pensions alive, Butch Lewis Act, and how it ultimately led to his death. Now, Lewis picks up where Butch left off and continues the fight and will not let the issue die out. We also discuss President Trump fighting court orders on what he can do with government employees, right to vote, voter registration day, and AFGE Local 3399 having problems with a VA. Lots of interesting stuff today on the show!

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The History of the American Legion Magazine Discussed on America’s Work Force.

On the broadcast today we had Mark Seavey from the American Legion Magazine and Norm Wernet with the Alliance for Retired Americans. Mark Seavey discussed the American Legion and how it came to be, living in Indianapolis, pensions, and the importance of yoga for veterans and those suffering from PTSD. Norm Wernet discussed his major role in the District 12 race, medicaid expansion, and more!

So called “Right-to-Work” Defeated in Missouri Discussed on America’s Work Force

On the broadcast today we had Curt Hess, Assistant to the Vice President of CWA District 4, and he talked about AT&T bargaining, the Right to Work defeat in Missouri, and the “Broken Promises Road Tour”! Also on the program was David Wondolowski, Executive Secretary-Treasurer for the Cleveland Building and Construction Trades Council, and he talked about Right to Work Defeated in Missouri, the Ohio Governor’s Race, and Ohio’s District 12 Results!

Missouri Victory on Prop A was a Main Topic of Discussion on America’s Work Force

On the broadcast today we had Dan Doron, with the Ohio Consumers’ Counsel, and he talked about several topics including Consumer Payments to Subsidize Electric Utilities, Do Not Call List, Summer Crisis Program, and OCC Visits to Fairs! Also on the program was Terry O’Sullivan, General President of the Laborers International Union of North America(LIUNA), and he discussed the Missouri Victory on Prop A, the Infrastructure Proposal from Bill Shuster, the Pension Crisis, and Immigration Crack-down and it’s Effect on the Construction Industry!