Budget reconciliation bill would be a boon for EV market

United Auto Workers (UAW) Legislative Director Josh Nassar joined the America’s Work Force Union Podcast to discuss provisions in the budget reconciliation bill that, if passed, would make electric vehicles substantially more affordable.

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U.S. supply chain problems are the result of outsourcing the nation’s manufacturing

Tom Buffenbarger, an independent labor voice for America’s Work Force Union Podcast, joined the show to discuss issues with the supply chain and its effects on American manufacturing, including an upcoming shortage of magnesium that is key raw material used in the production of aluminum. Continue reading

Supply chain crisis exacerbated by misclassification of truckers

Transportation Trades Department of the AFL-CIO President Greg Regan joined America’s Work Force Union Podcast to discuss the supply chain crisis and how the misclassification of workers contributes to the bottleneck clogging U.S. ports. Continue reading

Biden administration encourages purchase of American-made goods

The federal government spends large amounts of money purchasing new equipment, preparing reserves and standing ready to help the American people. The Biden White House is ensuring these purchases support American workers and American business.

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters are the established professionals when it comes to warehousing and transportation of goods within the U.S. Teamsters Legislative Representative Mike Dolan advocated for an investment of American made goods on the AWF Union Podcast. He also explained how the Biden administration is making the investment happen. Continue reading

Allegheny Technologies Inc. workers ratify contract with USW

Workers at Allegheny Technologies Inc. (ATI) ratified a contract with the United Steelworkers, ending a strike at the company.

North Coast Area Labor Federation President Pat Gallagher discussed the new contract, its terms, why workers went on strike and more on today’s episode of the America’s Workforce Union Podcast. Continue reading

Labor Trades squeezed out after decades of refinery work

The Labor Citizen strives to inform Ohio tradesmen and tradeswomen about the issues around the state affecting the union construction industry. Labor Citizen Editor Tom Germuska Jr. joined the AWF Union Podcast to discuss issues at a refinery in Lima, a successful union project and an apprentice competition. Continue reading

Reviving manufacturing in a post-pandemic America

As the COVID-19 pandemic raged throughout the U.S., manufacturers were forced to slow or halt production of numerous goods. Compared to last year, people are purchasing more products, causing an increase in demand for manufactured goods.

The U.S. manufacturing industry is bouncing back as the pandemic subsides in America. Alliance for American Manufacturing President Scott Paul joined AWF Union Podcast to discuss American manufacturing, supply issues and more. Continue reading

China increases influence in U.S. through land purchases

China has greatly increased its influence throughout the world in recent decades. Companies and governments are taking notice and are taking action to counteract it or take advantage of it.

Coalition for a Prosperous America Industry Analyst Ken Rapoza has been studying the issue and spoke at length about it on the America’s Work Force Union Podcast. He discussed Chinese influence on meat production, Tesla’s interest in China and more. Continue reading

Union leaders rally behind President on labor reform

Many people in the labor movement feel President Biden is the leader who will bring change for working people. Where others talked a big game, President Biden has put plans in place.

Metal Trades Department President Jimmy Hart was excited about the future of the Biden administration when he joined AWF Union Podcast. He discussed current legislation and what work of the Metal Trades Department. Continue reading

Senators seek punishment for companies outsourcing manufacturing

Democratic and labor-friendly senators and representatives are working to take advantage of the their majority in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, while they have it.

U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown is standing up for working people by voting for legislation to help them on the job. He joined the AWF Union Podcast to discuss the expansion of manufacturing hubs and to talk about a plant in Ohio that is laying workers off with plans for more antiworker action. Continue reading