Massachusetts IBEW Locals combine efforts for more opportunities

With the COVID-19 vaccine being rolled out throughout the U.S., people are getting back to work and life is returning to some sense of normalcy. Boston’s labor community is excited to see the rally after a year of shutdowns.

IBEW Local 103 Business Manager and Financial Secretary Lou Antonellis gave AWF Union Podcast listeners an update on what is happening in the Boston area, the benefits of President Biden’s infrastructure plan and combining efforts with IBEW Local 96 when he appeared on today’s episode. Continue reading

Unions, workers gain momentum and lose ground throughout the country

As Amazon workers in Alabama are in the midst of a union vote, workers across the country are seeing various rates of progress on labor rights in the early stages of the Biden administration.

United Food and Commercial Workers International Union Assistant General Counsel Amanda Jaret detailed three cases where workers are either seeing positive results or are being hindered in their efforts on America’s Work Force Union Podcast. Continue reading

Wisconsin Democrats gain momentum in statewide races

Anti-union sentiment had a run across the U.S. in recent years, but things are looking up for the labor movement as it gains momentum in the political arenas of multiple midwest states.

Wisconsin Democracy Campaign Executive Director Matt Rothschild is excited for the future of unions and workers in Wisconsin. He discussed a recent statewide election, the progress made by Governor Evers and the political direction of the state on America’s Work Force Union Podcast. Continue reading

UAW cheers initial pro-labor progress by the Biden administration

With electric vehicle demand rising, auto and manufacturing workers are front and center as President Biden moves forward with his infrastructure plan.

The United Auto Workers are putting forth every effort to ensure their members are brought along with this shift and pending legislation. Their Legislative Director, Josh Nassar, detailed their efforts and what they would like to see in a plan on AWF Union Podcast. Continue reading

Appalachia looks for heavy investment in new infrastructure bill

Appalachia is a region of the U.S. that helped shape the entire country. However, the region has fallen behind and almost seems to be stuck in time due to high rates of poverty and companies leaving the area.

Policy Matters Ohio and Reimagine Appalachia are working to restore the region and bring jobs back to the area. Policy Matters Ohio Senior Researcher Amanda Woodrum detailed the regional problems and some potential solutions on America’s Work Force Union Podcast. Continue reading

Groups suggest alternative funding method for infrastructure

As President Biden moves to make quick work of campaign promises and the Democratic legislative agenda, labor groups and others are coming forward to voice their opinions on how things should be funded.

One group putting forth funding suggestions is the Coalition for a Prosperous America. The Group’s CEO, Michael Stumo has some suggestions for funding an infrastructure bill. He detailed this suggestion and how it would work on America’s Work Force Union Podcast. Continue reading

Job market rallies as states begin reopening their economies

After over a year of many areas of the U.S. shutdown due to COVID-19 and millions lost work, the economy and job market is beginning to bounce back as various states allow businesses to reopen.

One organization helping to put Americans back to work is the United Labor Agency. Their President, Dave Megenhardt joined America’s Work Force Union Podcast to explain how the Biden administration is helping the country bounce back and what the ULA is doing for job seekers. Continue reading

Biden administration quickly moves to help the middle class with infrastructure, more

The Congressional Democrats and President Biden have been working diligently to provide relief to the American People. They also have their sights set on an infrastructure plan and other union-friendly legislation.

The AFL-CIO has made their voice clear on the progress made by the Biden administration. Ohio AFL-CIO President Tim Burga discussed his pleasure with the progress and discussed what he would like to see happen next. Continue reading

Solidarity Center brings labor rights worldwide amid COVID-19 pandemic

After years of shrinking union membership and workers continually losing power on the job, the COVID-19 pandemic caused a resurgence of workers demanding increased power, rights and safety.

Solidarity Center Executive Director Shawna Bader-Blau joined America’s Work Force Union Podcast to explain what the Solidarity Center does, where it gets its funding from and what they have observed since the pandemic began. Continue reading

Groups seek to expand Medicare eligibility, choices and funding

Millions of American seniors utilize Medicare every year for doctors visits, prescriptions and more. Many groups are defending Medicare as politicians work to strip funding and make senior healthcare more private.

When Kristine Grow of the Coalition for Medicare Choices appeared on AWF Union Podcast, she detailed the current options offered to those eligible for Medicare through age or disability, and what is being done in Washington D.C. to protect American seniors. Continue reading