Graduate students win union contract, build dedicated membership

Graduate students often work in the capacity of employees, yet do not receive the same compensation or treatment an employee would receive for doing the same tasks and work. Unions are noticing this, and they are organizing grad students.

The UAW is one union who took notice and organized graduate students at the University of Connecticut. UCONN GEU-UAW Local 6950 President Jordan McMillan joined the AWF Union Podcast to discuss her experience in the union and what is at stake in upcoming negotiations. Continue reading

Iron Workers focus on falls during National Safety Stand-Down week

With National Safety Stand-Down Week taking place May 3 through 7, there is an increased focus on preventing safety hazards in the construction and other physical labor industries.

Working from great heights everyday causes ironworkers to face deadly hazards on the job. Iron Workers District Representative and Safety and Health Department Wayne Creasap highlighted ways to eliminate safety hazards for ironworkers and others on America’s Work Force Union Podcast. Continue reading

explaining the difference between working class and middle class

The lines between middle class and working class have become blurred as the terms are used interchangeably in media and in politics. The difference between the two exists and needs to be defined.

Working Class Perspectives contributing writer Christopher Martin dissected the two terms and explained why the difference is important on America’s Work Force Union Podcast. He also explained what is like to teach journalism as the profession becomes increasingly dangerous. Continue reading

Public schools anticipate a boost in funding under President Biden

Educators are finding that the tide is turning with President Biden in office. Throughout the country school funding is being shifted away from private charter schools and back into public schools.

Ohio Federation of Teachers President Melissa Cropper joined AWF Union Podcast to discuss some Ohio legislation that will directly impact both public and private schools. She also discussed a bill that unnecessarily targets vulnerable students. Continue reading

How charter schools profit off the backs of taxpayers

Charter schools have developed into a problem for some in the past three to four decades. While these schools operate as nonprofit organizations, many believe they are generating massive profits at the expense of taxpayers.

One such person is Our Schools Chief Correspondent and Writing Fellow Jeff Bryant. Bryant joined AWF Union Podcast to explain how some charter schools are generating profits and taking from taxpayers. He later told the story of two Floridians generating large profits through the schools. Continue reading

Minneapolis teachers raise concerns before returning to the classroom

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected workers in all industries, with some being able to work from home, who are now being forced back into work with little to no protections.

Minneapolis Federation of Teachers Local 59 Teacher Chapter President Greta Callahan explained the concerns of teachers in Minneapolis as they are being pulled back into the classroom on America’s Work Force Union Podcast. Continue reading

Seattle BCTC uses Project Labor Agreements to get through the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic hit various regions of the U.S. differently. Similarly, government and private industries each handled the pandemic different. One of the first American cities to experience COVID-19 has worked through the issues and managed to keep their construction industry alive.

Seattle Building and Construction Trades Council Executive Secretary Monty Anderson discussed what actions were taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19 among the building trades, how construction has fared and what is being done to diversify the trades in the pacific northwest. Continue reading

The American Legion applauds increased calls for civics education

Survey after survey shows younger Americans are falling behind when it comes to civics, constitutional rights and more. There are efforts underway to reintroduce much of this curriculum to American classrooms.

The American Legion Magazine will publish an article on the importance of civics in their upcoming edition. They will also publish a story about the importance of personal fitness and what the Legion is doing to increase awareness of fitness. The American Legion Magazine Managing Editor Matt Grills joined AWF Union Podcast to discuss this and more. Continue reading

Laborers Local 310 Business Manager wins Irish Labor Leader of the Year

The Irish have a deep rooted history in the American labor movement. Every year, one Irish American labor leader is celebrated by the Irish Echo with the Labor Leader of the Year award.

This year, Laborers Local 310 Business Manager Terry Joyce was awarded the honor thanks to his commitment and dedication to representing the Local 310 membership. He joined AWF Union Podcast to discuss the award and the influence of the Irish in the American labor community. Continue reading

Prominent Irish labor figure, Mother Jones, to receive a Chicago-area statue in her honor

Women have made massive strides in the labor movement, including Mary Harris, an Irish immigrant better known today as Mother Jones.

Rosemary Feurer, a professor at Northern Illinois University and Project Director at the Mother Jones Museum, joined AWF Union Podcast to tell stories about Mother Jones, the achievements she made and how she is being honored in modern times. Continue reading