Library workers succeed in organizing, but still face union election

Library workers at one central Ohio library system have strived for nearly a year to organize and form a union. Steadily inching ever closer to achieving their goal, they face one more hurdle — the election to determine if the Union has the right to exist.

Ohio Federation of Teachers President Melissa Cropper has worked closely with the workers in their efforts and is proud of what they have accomplished. In the latest AWF Union Podcast, Cropper discussed the organizing drive, the challenges the workers faced and the need for an election despite being the only library in Ohio yet to unionize. Continue reading

Florida educators prepare for what could be a tough upcoming school year

Teachers and educators have become the targets of political attacks. Some educators believe these attacks are part of a greater goal to privatize education and strip public schools of their funding.

Florida Education Association President Andrew Spar discussed these tactics when he appeared on the AWF Union Podcast. He also talked about hybrid learning during the pandemic, teacher pay and more. Continue reading

Massachusetts schools look to take advantage of quality funding

Massachusetts American Federation of Teachers President Beth Kontos discussed her background and her union involvement on the America’s Work Force Union Podcast. She also discussed school funding in Massachusetts and voucher expansion. Continue reading

Ohio Senate agrees on Fair School Funding Plan in budget

Ohio’s public school system has been under attack for years by state politicians. Groups are working to advocate for public schools and find ways to improve them throughout the state.

Ohio Coalition for Equity and Adequacy of School Funding (OCEAFS) is one such group that has been taking on the task for nearly three decades. OCEAFS Executive Director William Phillis joined the AWF Union Podcast to provide an update on the recently signed Ohio budget, the Fair School Funding Plan and the school voucher system. Continue reading

Educating end users on the importance of mechanical insulation

Educating business owners and other decision makers is vital to the success of the mechanical insulation industry. Without knowledge of the many benefits of mechanical insulation, it is difficult for a project owner to invest in the technology.

The Mechanical Insulators Labor Management Cooperative Trust (LMCT) works to advance the industry. Mechanical Insulators LMCT Executive Director Pete Ielmini joined the AWF Union Podcast to preview a new course designed to educate end users about the value of properly installed and maintained mechanical insulation. Continue reading

Lawmakers take aim at Critical Race Theory throughout the U.S.

Public schools and teachers have become a frequent target for some politicians. There are a variety of reasons, ranging from how schools are funded to what is being taught in the classroom.

Ohio Federation of Teachers President Melissa Cropper joined America’s Work Force Union Podcast to discuss school funding in Ohio, broadband issues in the state, why Critical Race Theory is currently getting so much attention and more. Continue reading

Apprenticeship recruiters work with “influencers” to attract young people

Many Americans are unaware of the benefits available to the men and women who enter a registered building trades apprenticeship program. Instead, these Americans believe in pushing the next generation of students towards college, where they pay thousands and then have to go find a job for themselves.

United Association Local 669 is a unique Local Union, as it represents fire sprinkler professionals in 48 states. UA Local 669 Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee Recruitment and Outreach Specialist Tim Coleman joined AWF Union Podcast to discuss apprenticeship and how it can benefit Americans. Continue reading

Ohio seeks plan to address disproportionate school funding

School funding in Ohio and other states has been a festering problem for decades. Currently there is a proposed fix going through the Ohio statehouse, which would restore school funding in underserved communities and more.

Policy Matters Ohio has been at the forefront of the education funding debate and their Senior Project Director Wendy Patton joined the AWF Union Podcast to discuss how school funding got to where it is, the Fair School Funding Plan and more. Continue reading

Apprenticeship returns to the classroom as COVID-19 threat subsides

With the COVID-19 pandemic beginning to subside as more Americans become vaccinated and herd immunity is reached, registered building trades apprenticeship classes are getting back into full swing.

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 38 President Mike Muzic expressed gratitude for things returning to normal when he appeared on the AWF Union Podcast. He also provided listeners with an update on work in the Local 38 jurisdiction. Continue reading

Teachers emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic with optimism

Teachers and students were creative during the COVID-19 pandemic, developing new methods of learning and completing work such as using video conferences. Now, with restrictions easing, teachers are looking forward to returning full-time to the classroom.

American Federation of Teachers West Virginia President Fred Albert appeared on the America’s Work Force Union Podcast to discuss what teaching during the pandemic was like, what was learned, education in West Virginia and attracting more people to the profession. Continue reading