Today’s show 6-13-14

On the broadcast today we had Frank Mathews, with the Communication Workers of America(CWA),and he talked about several issues including the NLRB and an update on the Trans Pacific Partnership! Our second guest was Atty Mary Jane Trapp, and she talked about several Ohio Supreme Court cases including PayDay Lenders, Progress Ohio Vs Jobs Ohio, and reopening of sealed records!

Today’s show 6-11-14

On the radio show today we had Dr. Jill Stein, Green Party Candidate, and she talked about the NY Governors Race and why it’s the Green party, and not the Working Families Party, That’s really working for our Families! Our second guest was Norm Wernet, with the Ohio Chapter of Alliance for Retired Americans, and he talked about Observation Status under Medicare, Ohio State Legislature and Retirees!

Today’s show 6-10-14

On the broadcast today we had 3 guests!!!Our first guest was Jim Cullen, Editor of the Progressive Populist, and he talked about Selective Outrage on the VA Backlog and Medicaid Expansion!Our second guest was Sarah Anderson, from the Institute for Policy Studies, and she talked about Minimum Wage/Tipped Minimum Wage and the CEO loophole that makes their Incentive Bonuses Tax Deductible! Our third guest was Sportswriter Dan Coughlin, and he talked about the Indians and the Anniversary of .10 Beer Night at Cleveland Stadium!

Today’s show 6-9-14

On the broadcast today we had Scott Gerfen, with the Ohio Consumers Counsel, and he talked about several Utilities Issues including the Duke Energy Ruling, your rights during Severe Storm Season, and the Summer Crisis Program for Low-Income Families. Our second guest was Jeff Rechenbach, Former Executive Treasurer of the Communication Workers of America(CWA) and he talked about the launch of his website “Democratic Voices” and bringing back Humanity in Politics!

Today’s show 6-6-14

On the broadcast today we had Tom Buffenbarger, General President of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers(IAMAW), and he covered several topics including his re-election, the Economy, the Governor of South Carolina and her Anti-Union stance, Organizing, and the Tennessee Valley Authority! Our second guest was Dorsey Hager, Executive-Secretary Treasurer of the Columbus/Central Ohio Building and Construction Trades Council, and he talked about the defeat of the Zoo Levy, Their Organizing Committee, and Political Screening next week!

Today’s show 6-5-14

On the radio show today we had Ken Rigmaiden, General President of the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades(IUPAT), and he talked about the Union and where it’s going and what it’s doing to Improve Market Share. He also talked about their Veterans Work Program! Our next guest was Shar Habibi, Research and Policy Director for In The Public Interest, and she talked about a report they published called “Race to the Bottom: How Outsourcing Public Services Rewards Corporations and Punishes the Middle Class”!

Today’s show 6-4-14

On the radio broadcast today we had Stuart Garson, from The Ohio Association for Justice, and he talked about the San Allen Group Rating Class Action Lawsuit(The Dysfunctional Group Rating Program of the Ohio Bureau of Workman’s Compensation)! Our second guest was Tom Germuska Jr., Editor of The Labor Citizen, and talked about some of the stories in the upcoming June edition!