Today’s show 2-3-14

On the Broadcast today we had Mark Gruenberg, Editor of Press Associates Inc., and he talked about Fast Track and why Obama is pushing for it for the Trans Pacific Partnership and the negative effect it will have on our economy! Our second guest was Sue McConnell, from the Cleveland Chapter of the Better Business Bureau, and she talked about several scams to watch out for including the $8.94 charge on your credit cards!

Today’s show 1-31-14

On the radio show today we had Jim Rokakis, Former Cuyahoga County Treasurer and now with the Thriving Communities Institute, and he talked about the Cuyahoga County Land Bank and what they are doing to remove Vacant properties from neighborhoods of Ohio’s Cities! Our second guest was Rosemary Feurer, Associate Professor at Northern Illinois University, and she talked about the Mother Jones Monument and what she meant to the Labor Movement!