Today’s show 4-26-13

On the program today we had Sherry Linkon from Labor Perspectives Blog, and she talked about several issues regarding Education including Adjunct College professors,lack of jobs for college graduates, and the need for training for jobs that don’t require a college degree! Our second guest was Tom Conway, Vice President of the United Steelworkers Union(USW), and he talked about the National Labor relations Board(NLRB), and a USW report on what would happen if an Oil refinery blew up!

Today’s show 4-23-13

On the broadcast today we had three guests!!! Our first guest was Jeff Stoffer, editor of American legion magazine, and he talked about the upcoming issue of the magazine and their new page on the website…our second guest was Attorney John Climaco, and he talked about filing a Class Action lawsuit again Flying J truck stops! Our third guest was Al Mixon from the Teamsters and he talked about the strike at Republic Waste and about the upcoming Governor’s race in Ohio!!!

Today’s show 4-22-13

On the program today we had Lake County Commissioner Dan Troy, and he talked about several things including the Kasich Budget and Kasich going against his Party for Medicare, and Lake County’s Infrastructure assessment! Our second guest was Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur, and she talked about Obama’s proposal for Chained CPI and the effect on Senior Citizens!