Today’s show 3-22-13

On the broadcast today we had Retired Professor, John Russo, and he talked about Advanced manufacturing/Jobs and Sequestration. Our second guest was Leo Gerard, General President of the United Steel Workers Union, and he talked about several topics including the contract with Local 8888 in Newport News, the NLRB, New labor Secretary, Tom Perez, and Austerity!

Today’s show 3-20-13

On the program today we had former Congressman Steve LaTourette and he talked about the GOP’s re-branding campaign and Sequestration! Our second guest was Matt Rothschild, Editor of The Progressive magazine, and he talked about several issues including the Iraq War being 10 years old, Obama and Social Security, and the new Labor Secretary, Thomas Perez!

Today’s show 3-19-13

On the broadcast today we had 3 guests!!! Our first guest was Darold Johnson, Director of Legislation and Political Action for the Ohio Federation of Teachers, and he talked about graduate employees/adjuncts at colleges and universities who carry more and more of the teaching load deserve collective bargaining rights! Our second guest was J David Cox Sr., President of the American Federation of Government Employees(AFGE), and he talked about the March 20th National Protest against Sequestration! Our third guest was Patrick Gallagher, Sub District 4 Director of the United Steel Workers Union (USW), and he talked several issues including the Local 8888 settlement and the Ohio AFL-CIO Campaign against Right To Work legislation!