Today’s show 2-14-13

On the program today we had 3 guests! Our first guest was Zach Schiller with Policy Matters Ohio, and he talked about Governor Kasich’s budget and what it means to Ohio! Our second guest was Brian Milner, Director of Operations for the Medical Mart/Convention Center, and he gave us an update on the construction and said it is 95% complete! Our third guest was Sylvia Johnson, lobbyist for the United Auto Workers, and she talked about Medicare, Medicaid, and Welfare!

Today’s show 2-7-13

On the program today we had 3 guests starting with Attorney Michael Rourke and he talked about the Court of Claims and how judges are selected for it! Our second guest was Lt.Colonel Anthony Shaffer from the Center for Advanced Defense Studies, and he talked about counter terrorism and the Defense budget! Our third guest was Senator Sherrod Brown, and he talked about Sick days and that too many Americans don’t get paid for sick days. He also talked about the Budget Control Act and China Currency!

Today’s show 2-6-13

On the radio program today we had Dr. Susan Linn from the Campaign for Commercial Free Children and she talked about how much companies are spending to advertise to children and the negative affects it has and what their organization is doing to correct this! Our second guest was Steve Dever from LEEDCO and he talked about the proposed wind farm in Lake Erie and how the project is going and what it means to Ohio!

Today’s show 2-4-13

On the program today we had Mark Gruenberg from Press Associates Inc., and he talked about several issued including Jobless number, Union density, Right to work and immigration reform! Our second guest was Sue McConnell from the Cleveland Better Business Bureau, and she talked about several scams going on right now including Tax service scams, Car Financing, and online romance!!!