Today’s show 1-28-13

On the show today we had Lake County Commissioner Dan Troy, and he talked about Lake county in 2013 and what they are doing to improve the infrastructure! Our second guest was Ed Wytkind, President of the Transportation Trades Department of the AFL-CIO, and he talked about the need for repairing the transportation system/infrastructure now that the election is over…

Today’s show 1-25-13

On our radio program today we had retired Professor John Russo and he talked about several items including the decline of union workers, minority organizing, the end of the Labor Studies Program at Youngstown State, and the new organization he started in Washington DC! Our second guest was Leo Gerard, General President of the United Steel Workers Union, and he talked about Obama, Labor Laws, and Congress!

Today’s show 1-24-13

On the radio show today we had Bill Samuel, Legislative Director of the AFL-CIO, and he talked about several issues including, the decline of union workers in the Public sector, the Debt Ceiling, Social security, Immigration reform and Minimum Wage! Our second guest was Lou Dubose, editor of the Washington Spectator, and he talked some item that are in the upcoming issue of the magazine including the Voting Rights Act!

Today’s show 1-21-13

On the radio program today we had Ohio State Senator Tom Patton, and he talked about several issues including what was going on in the Senate, the turnpike, job creation,and tax laws! Our second guest was Economist Tom Mackell Jr., and he talked about unemployed youth and what needs to change in this country to get the government back to the people!