Today’s show 9-25-12

today on the show we had Jeff Stoffer of the American Legion Magazine and Al Mixon of Teamsters local 507! Jeff talked about the October issue of the magazine which features interviews with Obama and Romney. He also talked about “Team Rubicon” and the new American Legion National Commander. Al Mixon talked about what the teamsters are doing in Ohio to get out the vote!

Today’s show 9-19-12

Today on the show we had to of our regularly featured guests, Matt Rothschild of the Progressive Magazine and Congresswoman Betty Sutton. Matt Talked about the video of Mitt Romney and what it means for his campaign. He also talked about the teachers strike in Chicago. Betty talked about her campaign in Ohio and about Mitt Romney!

Today’s show 9-18-12

Today on the show we had 3 guests…First up was Melissa Cropper, president of the Ohio Federation of Teachers and she talked about what she learned from the DNC and what will happen if Romney is elected. Our second guest was Skip Roberts, a Veterans Activist and he talked about a VA rally coming up on September 20th…Our third guest was Pat Gallagher, United Steelworker and member of the North Coast Area Labor Federation, and he talked about the Arcelor Mittal US Steel settlement and reported on the AFL-CIO convention!

Today’s show 9-17-12

on the show today was Senator Tom Patton and Economist and Author Tom Mackell Jr. Senator Patton talked about pensions and the new law about texting and driving! Tom Mackell Talked about the economy and what needs to be done after the elections in November or we are heading down a path that Japan was on during the 80’s!