Today’s show 7-24-12

Today on the show we had Jeff Stoffer from American legion Magazine and he talked about the August issue of the magazine featuring articles on the last battle in Vietnam, Superpower Sunset, and the folding Newspaper industry! Our second guest was Al Mixon of the Teamsters and he talked about Mitt Romney and the election and what Teamsters are doing!

Today’s show 7-19-12

Today on the show our first guest was Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur and she talked about her “Made in Ohio Manufacturing Tour” and what’s going on with free trade and NAFTA. She also talked about the Affordable Care Act! Our second guest was Valerie Long from SEIU and she talked about the janitor’s strike in Texas and what’s going on regionally!

Today’s show 7-18-12

Today on the show we had Matt Rothschild from the Progressive and he talked about the race between Romney and Obama and the Republicans on global warming! Our second guest was Congresswoman Betty Sutton and she talked about the United Steel Workers and her push for bringing jobs home and the need for congress to stop playing politics and put jobs ahead of partisanship!