Today’s show 6-27-12

Today on the show we had 3 guests…Our first guest was Mark Naymik, columnist for the Plain Dealer and he gave us an up date on local and national news. Our second guest was Jon Ross of Union Privilege and he gave a round down of USA/Union made products to help celebrate the 4th of July! Our third guest was Author Howard Greenbaum and he talked about the need to form a Labor Party here in the USA.

Today’s Show 6-20-12

Today on the show we had 2 of our monthly guests…First up was Matt Rothschild from the Progressive and he talked about several issues including the Wisconsin Recall election, Obama and immigration, and The Supreme Court ruling on Health Care. Next up was Congresswoman Betty Sutton ad she talked about her visit to the Brook Park Ford plant and the need to support manufacturing!

Today’s show 6-19-12

Today on the show we had 2 new guests..our first guest was Melissa Cropper, the President of the Ohio Federation of Teachers, and she talked about several issues including what is the OFT, Voters first and new legislation for Cleveland schools! Our second guest was Michael Ruff of the Ohio AFL-CIO and he talked about Redistricting Petitions and the signature deadline, where you can pick up petitions and other events associated with the campaign.

Today’s show 6-14-12

Today on the show we had 3 guests…our first guest was Josh Nassar of the UAW and he talked about several issues including taxes, the Federal Budget and Jobs! Our next guest was Nate Whiteman of Union Sportsmen’s Alliance an he talked about what their organization is and some of the upcoming events! Our last guest was Wendy Patton of Policy Matters Ohio and she talked about the Ohio Mid Budget review and what we can expect…