Today’s show 12-28-11

Today on the show we had columnist Mark Naymik from the Plain Dealer and  he did a politics wrap up for the year talking about Governor Kasich and he talked about Dennis Kucinich running for the new seat, etc. Also on the show was Rick Oliver from Mental Health Services Inc. and he talked about stress, depression and Suicide during the holidays and what to look for and what to do….

Today’s show 12-26-11

Today was our Holiday show and we had Father Neil Walters on and he talked about his work at a local prison..Also on the show was  Jon Ross of Union Plus and he talked about avoiding medical debt and what to do if you have it. And finally we had General President of the Transportation Trades Dept. Ed Wytkind talking about the Rail Transportation Act and a couple other issues in congress.

Today’s show 12-23-11

Today we had Professor John Russo speaking about Congress and Newt Gingrich and we had  General President of United Steel Workers, Leo Gerard, talking about the Lock-out at Cooper Tire and he talked about House Speaker John Boehner and how the Republicans aren’t helping the working class.

Today’s Show 12-21-11

Today on the show we had Matt Rothschild of the Progressive talking about Governor Walker in Wisconsin attacking Free-Speech and Matt talked about the Republican Presidential race and about President Obama signing the National Defense Authorization Act. Also on the show was Congresswoman Betty Sutton discussing the American Jobs First Initiative that she introduced into legislation.Also she discussed the Payroll tax cuts and hoe Republicans have held the middle class hostage.