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America’s Work Force is the only daily labor-radio program in America and has been on the air since 1993, supplying listeners with useful, relevant input into their daily lives through fact-finding features, in-depth interviews, informative news segments and practical consumer reports.

At the heart of America’s Work Force is its provocative guest list – through the support and participation of the labor community, dozens of regional, national and international labor leaders and advocates have been guests on the show, along with politicians, civic leaders, industry professionals, experts and more.

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Visit host Ed “Flash” Ferenc at his blog where he reviews each show daily and talks about issues and concerns of the American worker.

America’s Work Force Radio Podcast Blog

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Laborers anticipate green energy jobs to be quality, union jobs

As the U.S. looks to shift from the fossil fuel industry to build a clean energy economy, labor organizations are looking for ways to include fossil fuel workers in the new green economy.

Many Laborers International Union of North America (LiUNA) members work in the energy sector, and they want to be involved in green energy. LiUNA Minnesota and North Dakota Marketing Manager Kevin Pranis joined AWF Union Podcast to discuss green energy and more. Continue reading

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