Today’s show 10-17-17

On the broadcast today we had Melissa Cropper, President of the Ohio Federation Of Teachers(OFT), and she talked about several topics including the AFT Civil, Human and Women’s Rights Conference, Backpack Full of Cash film, and OFT Opposing Issue 2! Our second guest was Holly Caplan, Author of “Surviving the Dick Clique: A Girl’s Guide to Surviving the Male Dominated Corporate World, and she talked about Helping Women Conquer Male-Dominated Corporate World!

1 thought on “Today’s show 10-17-17

  1. Ed,
    I worked across the hall from you while I was at WHK and you were at WMMS, I remember how good you were on the news and connecting the right song with the story.
    I found this by accident on a release on a person I was considering putting on my blog.

    I have been in West Palm Beach for the past 22 years, came here after NYC and DC. I did radio here for 13 years and was number 1 from start to finish, until I finally could not stand the corporate bullshit, so now I have a blog and companion podcast, as well as still doing voice work and appearances etc.

    My cell is 561.504.0814 if you should want to speak. I have great memories of our conversations.

    I wish you the best!

    Tim Byrd
    “The Byrdman”

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