Today’s Show 10-12-18

On the show today we had two guests, Jimmy Cullen and Mary Jane Trapp.

Our first guest was Jimmy Cullen and we discussed his writing called “Mean Drunk Justice” and the Kavanaugh case. One major thing that Cullen discussed with us was how Justice Kavanaugh has a problem with telling the truth under oath and how it will affect him on the Supreme Court. Having someone that has trouble keeping their facts straight under oath on the Supreme Court is a little unnerving. He then goes on to talk about the administrations manipulation of the FBI during the Kavanaugh case, and finishes his time on the show talking about President Trump trying to frame the Democrats for everything that goes wrong or against him and seems to be trying to scare voters into voting Republican so that the Democrats do not “take away” our rights.

Our second guest on the show today was Mary Jane Trapp, and she came on the show to talk about different cases with us. She talks about the Cincinnati Enquirer Case, State vs. Vega (2018) , and ONU vs Charles Construction Services. With the State vs. Vega (2018) Case, Trapp explains what would give a police officer probable cause to search your car without a warrant during a traffic stop. With ONU vs. Charles Construction Services, Trapp explains that faulty workmanship cannot be covered in a claim and that before you hire a contractor that you make sure to review everything that is and is not covered. She finishes her time on the show today by giving her two cents on the Kavanaugh case and how she believes that electing him has “eroded confidence in an ‘impartial’ system” and how judges are supposed to be neutral or indifferent to political parties but she fears Kavanaugh will always favor Republicans.

We also discuss Cost of Living Adjustments, Consumer Price Index for the Elderly, the raised prices of stamps are a record nominal increase, and fighting the privatization of the postal service. For more information on the privatization of the postal service visit

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