Today’s Show 10-10-18

Today on the show we had Jill Stein and Tom Germuska Jr. Jill Stein is a two-time presidential candidate from the Green Party and Tom Germuska is the editor for the Labor Citizen.

Jill Stein was our first guest on the show today and she started her time by talking about the Brett Kavanaugh case. She said, “the Brett Kavanaugh debacle is a symptom of Democrat half-hearted fight against Republican interest.” She also discusses people showing more interest in other parties such as the Green Party, and she finishes her time talking about Howie Hawkins running for Governor in New York. Howie is a Green Party candidate and pushes for worker rights and interests. She talks about how if Howie wins, it will pressure other states to consider Green Party candidates.

Our second guest on the show today was Tom Germuska Jr. from the Labor Citezen who spends his time talking about the content in the October edition of the magazine. Germuska also talks about early voting and some benefits that come with it, such as being about to sit down and read over all of your choices carefully and be able to make an educated vote. He also discusses getting the Cleveland and the Columbus Building Trades prepared for the midterm elections, updates on the Quicken Loans Arena project and how it will be done on time and on budget, and the importance of the Construction Trades Apprenticeship Fair and how it will open up people’s minds about the opportunities and potential for a good career that comes with working in the trades.

Other topics of discussion were¬†Ford Motor Company saying they will have to layoff workers because Trumps’ tariffs made the company take about a $1 billion blow to profits and they will have to lay off around 12% of the company around the world! Also, members of Unite Here in Boston, San Francisco, and San Jose are striking against Marriott Hotels because of wages. The most profitable hotel chain in the world has workers who need to work more than one job to be able to provide for themselves and their families! Something does not add up there!

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